For those that live or work in downtown, you know all about the benefits of a food truck setting up shop nearby. As a quick lunch break or a tasty dinner solution, food trucks always seem to be just a block away serving up some one-of-a-kind dishes. With the growing popularity of food trucks in the streets, we have also noticed an increase of KC wedding day food trucks serving guests at weddings. Some trucks serve the dinner portion, others handle dessert; nonetheless, it is a unique experience that a couple can add to their wedding to treat their guests.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite food trucks in the area that you may be interested in for your wedding. Whether their food is considered savory or sweet in our eyes, we don’t expect you to take our word for it- link up with a truck on social media to find out where you can find them next for your own tasting.


Beauty of the Bistro: 

This catering and food truck combo is the best of both worlds. You can hire the company to serve your guests like a traditional catering company would, with the added touch with some items being available street-side to add the food truck style. The owner, Sidney Fish, strives to serve all of their foods with the freshest ingredients.

Our Favorite Dishes: Market Salad, Mac n’ Cheese, & Roadhouse Burger

Find out more: or 913-406-1571

Taco Republic: 

Once you have tried one of Taco Republic’s street tacos, you will immediately see why they are one of the most popular food trucks in Kansas City. There is no Mexican food craving like a Taco Republic craving! Their creative ingredient combinations leave you hankering for more each and every time!

Our Favorite Dishes: Ortiz Street Taco, Bernardo’s Texaz Dip, & Jarritos Soda

Find out more: or 816-214-8607

Prairie Fire Oven: 

The Prairie Fire Oven food truck is the first portable wood-fired oven in Kansas City. They use quality local ingredients with an Italian inspired twist to produce the most delicious pizza in town.

Our Favorite Dishes: Spin Room Pizza, Mega Scimeca Meatballs, & Doodle-Do BBQ

Find out more: or 913-583-0290


Cupcake Cruiser: 

Now owned by Simply Frosted, the cupcake cruiser is the entertaining solution to a traditional cake. With a line-up that includes 12 regular flavors, seasonal options and 7 different types of cookies, each guest picks their favorite flavor to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Our Favorite Dishes: Peanut Butter Dream Cupcake, Pumpkin Spice Cupcake, & Turtle Cookie

Find out more: or 816-988-8062

Coffee Cake KC: 

Coffee Cake KC is a coffee shop on wheels. Their espresso, latte, and cappuccino selections are made from Mother Earth Coffee and locally roasted in Kansas City. Not in the mood for coffee? How about a glass of hot tea or a real fruit smoothie? Pair your drink with a piece of coffee cake, muffin, or cupcake.

Our Favorite Dishes: Southern Style Sweet Milk Latte, Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake & Wild Berry Smoothie

Find out more: or 913-568-2380

Funnel cake truck: 

Looking to fulfill your carnival craving more than once a year? The Funnel Cake Truck is your solution. Serving everything from funnel cakes to cotton candy, to deep fried sweets (Snickers, Twinkies, Oreos). You can host your own carnival food truck at your event. Don’t forget the seasonal popcorn selections!

Our Favorite Dishes: Traditional Funnel Cake, Kettle Corn, & Deep Fried Birthday Cake Oreo

Find out more: or 913-636-9647

Kona Ice KC: 

Switch things up a bit by cooling off your summer reception with shaved ice. Kona Ice is the only mobile shaved ice provider in Kansas City with their very own Flavorwave that allows guests to pick and choose their own flavorings to pour over their personal cup of shaved ice.

Our Favorite Flavorings: Wild Watermelon, Pina Colada, & Wedding Cake

Find out more: or 913-709-3370

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