keep dating while wedding planning- kansas city date night ideas

Actively dating your partner while planning for a wedding can feel like another to-do that just gets tossed (like a bouquet) onto the ever-growing wedding planning list. There’s no doubt that planning your big day is beyond exciting, but it can also feel chaotic and frustrating at times. Also, you may not agree on everything with your partner, in terms of planning, which can add even more stress on your relationship. But if you keep dating while wedding planning, you’ll remember what made you say yes in the first place.

So, put a pause on planning – really, it’s OK to take a break – and set aside time to spend together. Time spent connecting with your partner will only strengthen the amazing bond you two already share. Plus, it could alleviate and distract from any current stressors. In between booking the caterer and finalizing the reception seating chart, here are some ways that you can have fun dating your fiancé. Think of it as a mini honeymoon.

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You sent (or will be sending) save the dates to each of your guests, so apply the same principle and save the date for quality time together. Pick one day that works each week, make a planned activity and stick to it. It can be as simple as grabbing coffee and taking a walk downtown or taking it up a notch with a full-blown date night.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a sweet treat, delicious eats or drinks to unwind, we propose you take a look at these hot KC date destinations:

Brunch Destination

Lunch Destination

      Dinner Destination
      Dessert Destination
        Wine Destination
        Speakeasy Craft Cocktail Destination
          Coffee Destination
          Jazz Destination
          Distillery Destination


          From maintaining the overall budget to determining the wedding party, planning a wedding is a process and takes a lot of communication between the two of you. A piece of that communication should be discussing boundaries – before any planning begins.

          Start by creating a process on how you and your partner communicate planning information. Maybe your partner is more receptive to text messages, but you like quick phone calls here and there? Figuring out boundaries beforehand will ensure that one-on-one time with your partner doesn’t transform into a planning session.

          Here’s some quick tips on setting boundaries:
          • Put a time limit on the conversation
          • Have assigned duties, take action, and then set aside time to report on progress 
          • Set “off limit” times in which you don’t discuss anything planning-related (evenings, during pillow talk, on your designated date night, etc.)
          • Determine a time each week or day, depending on where you’re at in the process, to discuss any wedding updates and pending to-dos

            PLAN FOR A NIGHT IN

            Sometimes no plan is the best plan, especially in the midst of wedding planning. Pick a movie to watch, order takeout, grab a bottle of your favorite wine, and unwind together. You deserve it. And when you’re intentional you can keep dating while wedding planning with simple and spontaneous acts of affection. Here’s some effortless stay-at-home date night ideas:

            • Game night
            • Movie marathon
            • Pick up dessert to-go
            • Make dinner together
            • Have a picnic on the floor


              The Kansas City Metro is booming with things to do, no matter what your interests may be. Whether you live in the heart of downtown or call the ‘burbs “home,” get out and explore new places with your fiancé. Pick a part of the city you wish to explore, select a hotel and stay the night. It can be as planned or spontaneous as you like. The main idea is to change up your scenery, mix in some fun, and focus on each other. 

              Hotel Hot Spots
              Staying in the heart of downtown Kansas City is a must when you call one of these hotels “home” for the weekend.

              Take a short drive outside of the city and enjoy a stay at a one-of-a-kind historical hotel and spa. Situated in Excelsior Springs, MO, this popular, relaxation destination makes for a perfect getaway.


                When you’re having an engagement photoshoot or touring wedding venues, you could find yourself in a section of town you don’t generally see. Prior to heading to your next wedding appointment, check out what’s in that area. Is there a cool museum within walking distance? Are there electric scooters you could take for an impromptu joyride to an ice cream shop? With a little spontaneity and creativity, you can easily transform what feels like another wedding task into time spent together.

                Just because you’re consumed with wedding planning doesn’t mean you have to stop dating your partner. Remember to be intentional about pausing planning. Reflect on why you are together and how happy your partner makes you feel. And have fun dating each other!

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