Wedding trends such as color schemes, photography styles, and first dance songs come and go over the years, but the trend of live event painting is not only hot right now, but ultimately, timeless. When an artist like Rebekah Lynn comes to your wedding to set-up their canvas and lay out their paints, they aren’t just giving your guests something to enjoy, they are creating a lasting memento from your wedding day. If you are just now learning about live event painting, here’s what you need to know:


Saying “Yes” to having a custom painting done from your wedding is an easy “I do”. And there are two ways you can have it done: on the wedding day itself in-person with a live artist painting at your reception, or afterwards from a photo of your bouquet, bridal portrait, or first dance that can be replicated within a painting. Rebekah’s style is unique as it focuses not on the room and guests around you, but you and your fiancé (or now husband or wife) and makes you the focal point of your story.

live event painting


There’s nothing quite like watching an artist in their element and that’s exactly what you are treating your guests to when you hire a live painter to be at your wedding. Commonly set-up at the reception, the artist begins the evening with a blank canvas and through the hours of the night the painting develops and evolves and is completed at the conclusion of the reception. Guests can stop by the painting several times throughout the night to observe the artist at work and see the progress of the art piece.

live event painting


It’s sad to admit, but a lot of the memories of your wedding day will fade – and that’s why photographs and videos are so crucial to preserve those memories. Just like those art forms, the painting is also a cherished heirloom from your wedding that not only serves as art within your home, but also reminds you of the wonderful day you exchanged your vows and the feeling of love that was surrounding you in that moment. Rebekah’s art in particular symbolizes that at the center of it all, with the chaos of life surrounding you, that the most important thing is that you have each other.

It’s art, for art’s sake – to hold in time a cherished moment that evokes emotion to its viewer. It’s something that will offer you joy for years to come, many anniversaries down the road, when you wish to look back on the most beautiful day in your life.




I have been a professional artist painting live for many years and I absolutely LOVE weddings! With a BA in art you can look forward to a personal heirloom artwork that will capture the emotion and magic of your beautiful day in an impressionistic artistic style.

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