Welcome to the heartfelt account of Andrew and Alisha’s Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden November Wedding—a story steeped in love, blossoming against the backdrop of the romantic autumnal hues.

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden     Photographer: epagaFOTO     Gown: Gown Gallery     Invitations: Minted     Hair: Julie Strohm     Makeup: Rachel Naster     Catering: Affordable Elegance Catering     Florist: Final Touch Studios     DJ: DJ Mic King Music     Rentals: Ultrapom Event Rentals     Videography: Luxe Studios
Andrew & Alisa’s Love Story: Andrew and I met through mutual friends (my roommate was dating his roommate). We hung out in group settings often and eventually became more serious and started dating exclusively. What surprised us both about our relationship was how different our personalities are. He is a planner, type A, and very organized. He calls me “the free-spirited” one, and the opposite of organized. However, we quickly learned that his serious nature helps to ground me while my more laid-back personality brings out his playfulness.  We dated for six months before Andrew decided to make a career change that would move him to Texas. I wasn’t quite ready to leave my job, but we both were willing to do whatever it took to make it work, so began our long-distance relationship.  After nine months, I was planning on moving to Texas but was having some reservations about making the move without being engaged. Andrew flew to Kansas City one weekend when I didn’t expect him. He had my mom take me out to get my nails done ahead of time, and as we were finishing up, the nail technician comes up to me with a vase of flowers and a note inside that read, “Get ready for a night full of fun. A limo is outside waiting for you.” The limo took me to Liberty Memorial (we had come here often when we were both in Kanas City for dates), and there was Andrew, getting down on one knee to propose! After I said yes, he had the limo drive us around to some of our favorite spots around town. One of the spots we stopped at was Kelly’s in Westport, which is where we first met. Our parents were there waiting to toast us. After that, we stopped by McCoy’s which was a bar that we often went to with friends. When I walked in, he had a group of our closest friends and family members waiting to surprise us with an engagement party. It was so exciting and a night I will never forget!  Our wedding was unconventional but that is what made it special to us. I come from a Jewish and Russian background, whereas Andrew was raised Catholic. It was important to us to incorporate both sets of traditions so as to not overshadow the other. We incorporated the Huppah (the wedding arc used during the ceremony), Kettubah (Jewish marriage license), smashing of the glass, and Horah (Jewish chair dance) from Jewish traditions. We had plenty of vodka shots in lieu of champagne toasts for the Russian side of my family, as well as a food station of just Russian hors d’oeuvres to highlight the culinary side of my family. For the Catholic side, we had traditional Catholic marriage blessings and readings done during the ceremony, as well as a traditional Catholic blessing over the food before we ate. In addition, we chose to have Andrew’s brother officiate so that the ceremony could be personalized to us. He was able to speak on behalf of our relationship and paint a wonderful picture for all of our guests about what our values truly are. A Few Special Pieces: My grandmother had passed away less than a month before our wedding. She was so excited for our wedding and although we were heartbroken that she couldn’t be there, it felt very special to know that her spirit was present throughout the day. We set up some doilies that she crocheted as part of our decorations. We also set white roses on empty chairs in the front rows in place of our grandparents who could notbe with us. The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day My favorite part of the day was the first look. So much anticipation had been built up to that point, that when we did see each other for the first time, it helped to calm our nerves as well as bring a sense of anticipation to finally getting married. The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day My favorite memory was after we said our “I do’s” and walked down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. As soon as we walked out of the ceremony area, we shared our first moment as husband and wife. I can’t explain the feeling of blissfulness that was overpowering at that moment. After a year of planning, anticipation, excitement, and nervousness, that moment was a perfect reminder of the true meaning of the day. I couldn’t believe that I was finally his wife!