Wed KC Modern Cake Design

There are many elements of wedding planning that can lead you to spending hours scrolling through inspiration images on Pinterest, but none more than modern cake designs. From the different shapes, to unlikely color combinations, to the individual intricacies of their design, cakes leave us awe-struck, enamored, and wanting more. And that’s before we’ve even tasted them.

Looking to get a sugar-fix for our cake obsession, we linked up with Ashley of Clever Cakes to discuss the hottest design elements of the year. She explained to us some of her innovative decorative techniques so that we can share with you ways to make your cake wow-worthy.

Play With Textures

Deckled edges don’t have to be reserved just for your wedding invitations. Let those delicately torn edges work on your cake as well. Punch it up even more by adding a little gold detailing to the edge or incorporate some light marbling or a bit of hand painting.

Pop of Personality

Let your personalities come through in your cake design by choosing unique colors or patterns that represent your style. By using dried flowers in bright colors, this cake takes on a playful, bohemian charm that blends perfectly with the rest of the couple’s relaxed aesthetic.

Photo: Hallie Fry

Wed KC Modern Cake Design

Photo: Hallie Fry

Hand-Painted Watercolor

Using fondant as a blank canvas, hand painted details can turn your cake into an edible piece of art and impress your guests. There are many ways to interpret this trend, making it a technique that can be applied to virtually any wedding style, from minimalist to opulent and exotic. This is an easily customized addition to modern cake designs.


Add interest to your cake by brushing a tier in edible gold dust or covering it in gold leaf. A little gold splattered across the tiers or brushed along the deckled edges of buttercream are just a couple of easy ways to enhance your cake with timeless metallics.

Minimalist Accessories

Adding a little interest with a ribbon and a small bunch of fresh florals can instantly take a cake from simple to elegant. Don’t be afraid to get creative with accessories and let each design element shine.

Photo: Hallie Fry

Go Bold With Color

No one said your cake must be white. Get creative and make a dramatic statement by using one of the colors in your palette as the base color of your fondant or buttercream cake. This is a diverse addition to our modern cake designs because of the endless range of colors you can choose from.

Photo: Hallie Fry

Palette Knife Sculpted Buttercream

There is no need for a cake topper with this artistic style. Recreate your bouquet or centerpieces in buttercream and let your guests delight in the many colors and textures of this look.

Keep It Simple

A little can go a long way when it comes to cake design. By using a mix of eye-popping colors and flower shapes on smooth white fondant, these few fondant adornments give this cake a whimsical feel without trying too hard. This contrast makes it a unique addition to our modern cake designs.

Photo: Hana Alsoudi

Wafer Paper Flowers

Realistic or abstract wafer paper flowers are a beautiful and edible alternative to fresh or sugar flowers. These delicate, handmade petals have a style all their own and can be used in a myriad of ways, creating a perfectly modern embellishment.

Fruit Adornments

As an alternative to fresh florals, using fresh, dried, or exotic fruits can make a big impact with your wedding cake. Use it to amp up a simple buttercream cake, or pair it with unique hand painted details and give it an added level of decadence.




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