Forget all that wedding talk for a moment and let’s have some fun playing with ideas for your bachelorette party. Regardless if you want a low-key spa day, a tour of wineries, or the full-out club experience, this event is to celebrate you! With your closest friends and family in tow, you get one last hoo-rah as a single lady to savor in your freedom along with your friendships. So let’s look at some ideas that can take normal get-togethers to next level bachelorette parties.

Everyone knows you have enough on your plate with wedding planning, so the bachelorette party will become the responsibility of the maid of honor. And whether your MOH is punctual and detail-oriented or disorderly and a procrastinator, you all deserve to enjoy the event without feeling like it is a “job” to get it planned. That is why companies like Bach in the City exist – to help you (or your MOH) plan the ultimate bachelorette party experience. You still get to keep the perfect vision you have for your party, they just come in and make it easy for everyone. Here is a look at some of the ways having a bachelorette planner can help you:

Next Level Bachelorette Parties


While it might be easy to say “we’ll just see where the night takes us,” that’s just going to set your bachelorette party up for sheer chaos. Before the party begins you need to make sure to have an itinerary in place that includes each item related to the party. Bach in the City has shared with us some of the top items they ensure to add to their client’s itineraries:

  • Guest Arrival: include time, location, and what to expect upon arrival (check in at hotel or arrive in bach-party attire)
  • Activity Information: time, location, and details of each activity, including the list of attendees that will be participating
  • Reservations: time, location, and recommended attire for each brunch, lunch, and/or dinner reservation
  • Transportation: time needed, vehicle type, and how many guests need to be accommodated


Planning the activities of your party is an important task as it will set the tone for the whole event. If you want a low-key affair, then a lavish spa day would do the trick. If you want a sophisticated lady’s soirée, brunch and a winery tour would fit the bill. And if you are looking for the out-all-night party experience then dinner and club-hopping would fulfill that dream. Find activities that will suit your overall vision and then inform your guests about the activities so they know how to dress.

Bach in the City has a catalog full of unique activities for you and the party – so if you are looking to take your party to the next level with curated and customized activities, then having them on your side will make for a much more fun experience for you and your crew.

Next Level Bachelorette Parties


Reservations are always needed when a group is involved! If you are looking at dining for brunch, lunch, or dinner, pick a restaurant that will allow for reservations prior to the day of. Don’t settle for day-of reservations – those are never guaranteed and you may be left scrambling for a new place to eat. If you are planning to go to clubs, you will also want to look into bottle service and table reservations to ensure that your group can all celebrate together.


Now here is where Bach and the City really comes in to save the day – as they will do all the decorating for you! From balloon garlands to tinsel backdrops to “Bride” balloons and hangover kits – they have you covered. It’s everything you need to set the scene for a bachelorette party, and you and your maid of honor don’t have to do a thing! The key to successful next level bachelorette parties is being Insta-worthy!


Before you start the night, have a plan for where you will end the night. Whether it be at someone’s home or a hotel, make sure the location is fitted to receive a party of post bach-party ladies. Think of everything from drinks to snacks. The most important thing is that you all had a great time and were safe in the process, so while “crashing” isn’t the first to-do, it is one of the most important. 




Bach in the City is Kansas City's bachelorette party planning guru. They can square you away with itinerary planning, decor, customized packages and vendor partnerships.

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