If you have ever cleaned up after a ceremony has taken place, you will undoubtedly agree that programs are a waste of money. After enlisting your third cousin to ensure that every attendee receives one, they are then used as a coloring sheet for unruly kids, waste paper for confining tasteless gum, and most importantly a distraction to the wedding that is taking place. And if that wasn’t enough, the majority of programs are uselessly discarded (or left behind) after the ceremony is concluded. All in all, you could have used the money elsewhere, so why not nix the personal programs?

Now, there are sure to be some acknowledgements to be made for family and the bridal party and possibly some important details to share with guests, so don’t nix the idea all together. However, instead of designing and printing individual programs, make one large display program for guests to view as they enter the ceremony. This will save you both time and money!

Use this cheat sheet to find the program sign that will best accent your wedding:  

  Rustic: reclaimed wood, 6 pane window frame

  Urban: framed chalkboard, smooth stained wood

  Elegant: self-standing mirror, gold framed glass pane

In conclusion, reevaluating the traditional wedding program can be a smart and budget-conscious decision. While acknowledging the need for conveying essential information and giving due recognition, opting for a single large display program at the entrance is a practical alternative. This approach not only saves time and money but also aligns with a more sustainable and efficient use of resources on your special day. Remember, it’s about creating a memorable and seamless celebration where thoughtful choices, like this one, contribute to a joyful and stress-free event for everyone involved. Here’s to a beautiful wedding day filled with meaningful moments and thoughtful decisions.

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