Plan the Perfect 2022 Honeymoon

Are you trying to plan the perfect 2022 honeymoon? As you look forward to your wedding and honeymoon planning, you should be aware of the current trends for travel in 2022.


Absurd as it may seem, COVID-19 continues to negatively affect couples who plan to travel for their honeymoon in 2022. Sudden delays and plot twists unexpectedly happened. Now that the world is opening up again and COVID-19 numbers are continuing to improve, especially compared to the Spring of 2020 when much of the world was closed, wedding and honeymoon planning are now possible.

We’ve seen many of our clients enjoy amazing honeymoons since resorts first started opening back up in the Summer of 2020. However, those traveling in 2022 will seemingly be more affected by COVID-19 than those who traveled in 2021, primarily due to resort and flight availability. Will this throw a wrench in your hopes to plan the perfect 2022 honeymoon?


Recently, we worked with Anna and Matt to plan their dream honeymoon, tailored to fit their individual personalities and desires. After going through our personalized consultation process, we knew that Sandals Grande St. Lucian was the best fit for them. We even knew the exact room categories they would love! However, when we prepared to quote their trip, we discovered that the best room categories for them were already sold out over their travel dates in October 2022. We couldn’t find any other rooms at the resort that fit with their honeymoon dreams.

Conner and Brooke were also planning a honeymoon for 2022 to Mexico. We had to remove a day from their itinerary to account for a more than $700.00 price increase on their airfare. It was so sad to have to remove a day from their honeymoon only because of increased flight demand and fewer flights available than before the pandemic. This is happening more often to couples, and it’s heartbreaking.



So, why in the world are resorts and flights availability and higher rates such an issue for couples that are trying to plan the perfect 2022 honeymoon? These unfortunate issues are primarily due to the economics of supply and demand. Couples who have traveled since COVID-19 up until recently had at least one thing in common –to secure the most affordable flight and their dream resort. There was plenty of resort and flight available because many people were not comfortable traveling during the peak of the pandemic. They found the perfect resort easily, and the rates were also lower as airlines and resorts desperately wanted and needed people to travel. 

Recent statistics show that people are more comfortable traveling at this time. Forecasts are also showing that demand for travel in 2022 will be at the same level we saw before the pandemic, if not higher than before. However, resort and flight availability isn’t back to normal yet, and on top of this, there are still restrictions in many countries on resort occupancy, with these restrictions being subject to change at any time. This means that most properties can’t be filled to 100% capacity, further limiting supply. Another key factor is the large number of travelers that have pushed their trips booked pre-pandemic travel moved to 2022, again adding to the overall supply issue.


So, what does this all mean for couples trying to plan the perfect 2022 honeymoon? This means that you need to book your honeymoon as soon as possible! To avoid disappointment and higher prices, we are recommending couples to book their honeymoon at least one year before their wedding date or right after they secure their wedding venue.

We understand this may feel overwhelming with all the hours required to plan your wedding and honeymoon. But talking about practicality while having the chance to enjoy what is best available, planning it ahead of time with a professional is the best option. Don’t be afraid, however, to seek the assistance of a travel professional to plan your first vacation together as a married couple! While you may take many vacations together in the coming years, you will only have one honeymoon. Let us help you be worry-free as you prepare for the perfect honeymoon that you would ever imagine!



COMPANY: Your Vacation Plan

Mary Beth Lynn is the owner and founder of Your Vacation Plan. Helping couples just like you reduce the stress of honeymoon or destination wedding planning is her favorite part of her job. As an award-winning travel expert, she loves being able to leverage her first-hand experience, knowledge and strong industry connections to help her clients.

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