To my dear hubby, thank you for planning our honeymoon. It was romantic and beautiful. You really did “yo thang” with our trip to Italy. However, for newly engaged girls, let’s chat about why that might not be the best idea, for you. You might want to plan your honeymoon together…

Traditionally speaking, the honeymoon dates back to a more transactional marriage when the groom would take the bride away from the family after paying a steep price. (Ladies, know your worth, okay!) According to Brides’s website, “ The word “honeymoon” itself is derived from the Scandinavian practice of drinking mead, or fermented honey, during the first month of the marriage (measured by one moon cycle) in order to improve the likelihood of conception.”

Right now in the year of our good Lord 2022, your honeymoon is a precious trip. You have worked so hard to plan your special day. It probably took you a whole year to get that wedding together, the honeymoon is your time to relax and just be one with your spouse.

So what were the snafus of my honeymoon? Let’s get into it, girl!


Remember your honeymoon doesn’t have to be immediately after the wedding. If you have out-of-town guests, it might be kind of you to wait a day and say farewell before you float off into married bliss. We left the next day in the morning. There was no time to luxuriate in the swanky hotel suite my hubby arranged for us to stay in. Not even breakfast. 5 a.m. came and we had to catch a flight. My mom even had to come get us because I still had my wedding dress (but girl, that’s just poor planning on my part really.) Take the day, my friend. Wake up with each other slowly and reflect on what just happened. Trust me, there will be a lot to talk about. But I guess if you have a long flight you can also chat on the flight. 


My hubby purchased a hop-on-hop-off tour of Rome. This was great to see the well-known spots in Rome but it didn’t include a tour of the Vatican. I am not Catholic but we both love art and history. Why wouldn’t we go visit? We made a last-minute decision to hop off the tour after viewing a few spots like the Colosseum, to spend a few hours at the Vatican before hopping back on to return to our hotel. This is something you could easily sit down and go over. If you plan your honeymoon together, you don’t miss the Vatican!


I don’t think I need to say much after that headline. Renting a car in a foreign country, especially if they drive on the opposite side is bold. Now in this country that wasn’t the case, but similar to a large city, public transportation is easier to use and we just didn’t need it. The train system was smooth, clean and affordable. Plus, they gave us a Jeep when all the parking spots were so tiny. We also received a fine because we didn’t understand the no drive through signs and drove on those streets regardless. It wasn’t too expensive but could have been avoided.


If you want to see a lot of things during your honeymoon and visit lots of places, first of all girl, are you me? Secondly, it’s important to factor in the time and distance so you aren’t traveling for hours instead of actually enjoying your vacation. In hindsight, Venice was our favorite place but we didn’t get to spend much time there because of how long it took to get there. As my hubby slept on the train ride back to the hotel, I remember texting my childhood bestie, it was a long trip, but worth it. You can avoid long commutes by getting everyones eyes on the details while you plan your honeymoon together.


Due to the two aforementioned reasons, (having a rental car and not being aware of time, distance and traffic) we missed a morning walking tour of Pisa. We got stuck in traffic to be very honest and struggled to find parking once we got there. While we found a kind citizen who let us park the car, you probably do not want those problems on your honeymoon. The only solution would have been to hop on a train instead of driving down and struggling to find parking in the large Jeep. You can think through all the logistics when you plan your honeymoon together.

Once again, dear hubby, you did what you could and I loved it. Oh, but if I knew what I knew now. I would have called a travel agent to plan the trip. My travel business, Free to Dream, would have eased the planning process for any future bride and groom.


I would have determined what the couple really wanted to do on the trip. That’s the beauty of working with me as a travel agent, I will pull what you want and can afford together and present it to you with options. Options are a huge key to success when you plan your honeymoon together.

It’s so important to release the honeymoon planning responsibilities to a travel agent. At Free to Dream Vacay, I specialize in custom itineraries based on your travel style and budget. As your travel agent, I make sure to match your budget and your travel style so you can enjoy your honeymoon. If you are ready to book your trip, you can reach out by visiting the contact section of Free to Dream Vacay website. 



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Morgane Freeman a Kansas City. MO native. She is an HBCU grad from Wilberforce University with a Master in Marketing. By day, she is a digital marketing specialist. By night she’s a wife, plant-based cook, travel agent, and podcaster. Morgane is the host of Young Black MRS podcast ( She enjoys spending time with her hubby, cooking, traveling and drinking wine. For more information about Morgane’s travel business visit her blog at

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