Take a look into Brock & Brooke’s Rustic Heritage Ranch Wedding!

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Photographer: Nicole Bissey Photography   Ceremony & Reception Venue: Heritage Ranch   Coordinators: Jessica Gerbes & Lindsey Little   Invitations: Beth Skrzypczak  Caterer: Colton’s Steak House   Florist: The Flower Shop for All Occasions   DJ: Lifetime Entertainment   Rentals: Miller’s Rustic Rentals   Officiant: Clem Skrzypczak   Videographer: Brett Twenter

Brock & Brooke’s Love Story

The story and spark that began our life together, started with a high and tight haircut, a G-Shock watch, and a horrible pick up line. To start off, the butterflies were not there, no halo was above anyone’s head, and it was not a fairytale beginning. In fact, the story was full of young love, sweet memories, and reckless moments. I remember it like it was Déjà Vu when we first met. Of course, that was the name if the nightclub we laid eyes on each other.

It was June of 2011. I was nineteen years old and fresh out of Basic Training and Advance Individual Training for the Missouri National Guard. I was in top shape, handsome as ever, in my favorite flannel; and she was eighteen, a city girl in heels, looking like an angel. With neither of us knowing or meeting each other in the past, it was a brief, yet bittersweet moment when we did. It was an ordinary Thursday night with my friends. We were out for an evening of comedy and dancing. I wasn’t there to find the love of my life. As we got done with the comedy show, we stumbled downstairs and outside to the patio to have a drink. It was my turn to fill the cups, that’s when I walked into the club and saw her. The lights were flashing down, shining directly on her, the music was going with every step she took. My eyes locked onto her, I threw the cups away and cleared my throat to say something as she walked off the dance floor. As she started walking my way, I was contemplating on what to say, before I knew it, she was two steps behind me. I began to turn around to look back, and that’s when she said it to me, “Hey, nice G-Shock”. With my head in a daze, I blurted out, “Thanks, you’re the girl of my dreams.”

The following Thursday, my friend and I returned to the same place, of course in my other favorite flannel. My friends grabbed a table and sat down. I was right behind them walking to the table as I glanced at a few tables down. I took a slight right and skipped over my friend’s table and sat down with a couple of girls. As I sat down, I got the same look any other guy that randomly sits down at a table full of girls would get, “who is this creep?”. What caught my attention in the first place wasn’t the table full of girls, but the one girl. Again, she was the first one to speak, “You’re the guy with the G-Shock!” I looked down at my watch, smiled, and said in a much more confident voice, “Yes! My name is Brock, and you’re the girl of my dreams from last week.” I was dazed and confused when she laughed. She loved it and told me her name was Brooke.

Since that night we began to hang out more often, stayed up many late nights on the phone together while I was at training, spent holidays together, moved in together, and even got the same job. We adopted our first dog as a couple, Bailey. We have been together since December 31, 2011, at 11:59 pm. I asked her then if I could start calling her my girlfriend. As years passed, we got closer and closer together, we moved back to my roots in California, Missouri. I ask her at my family’s farm to be my wife on May 17th, 2014. We got married a little over a year later on September 12, 2015. From the moment I saw her, she was always the one to me. I love her with all my heart, and she will always be my best friend.

Special Pieces

One of the many special pieces of our wedding was the absolutely beautiful pearl necklace that I wore that belongs to my mother. My Dad had given it to her on their wedding day. I was honored to wear such a memorable piece. 

The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day

My favorite part of the day was seeing my best friend and future wife at that moment when she walked out of the barn with an umbrella that her mom made to cover her face. When the doors came open, I cried. She looked beautiful and gorgeous all around. I realized as she was walking to me that I used to call her mine before that day, but after that day we held hands at the aisle, she would be mine forever, as my wife and my best friend.

The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day

My favorite moment was when I saw Brock’s face when I walked down the aisle. I spent all morning trying to control my anxiety and stress that everything was going to go right. I couldn’t stop wondering what he was thinking or if he would like my dress. I made it to the aisle and looked up. Once I saw his face everyone else seemed to disappear. It was just my dad holding my hand and Brock. All the stress just lifted off my shoulders. The anxiety was gone. Everything seemed so much better at that moment.