What is a “Silent Last Call?” Well, everyone is acquainted with typical “last call” procedures at a bar. Thirty minutes before closing, a loud, and usually obnoxious announcement is made that if you are thirsty for another beverage, that you better propel yourself towards the closest bartender to order one last (or possibly a few last) drinks before alcohol service suspends. This makes some quick cash for the business, but logically it isn’t safe for guests. Instead of ordering one last drink, many guests choose to order two with a side-round of shots for their group of friends. This increases their level of intoxication just moments before leaving. 

Now, think of the bar that you will be hosting at your wedding and the room that will be filled with all of your dearest at heart. By announcing the last call, you are encouraging them to consume as many drinks as they can before leaving your reception. If there has been an open bar available all evening long, chances are they don’t need the extra alcohol in the first place. The best course of action you can take to keep your loved ones safe is by implementing a “Silent Last Call”. The procedures of serving the last drink thirty minutes before the end of the event are still intact, but there is no announcement made that the bar will soon be closing. The elimination of the announcement keeps your guests from flocking from the dance floor to the bar to consume large amounts of alcohol. It also keeps your liquor tab in check if you are paying by consumption. 

Be sure to talk to your venue or bar service provider about implementing a silent last call at your reception. 

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