Mitcher & Emily’s Sleek Urban Wedding at the River Market Event Space was a chic and modern affair that showcased their love amidst the vibrant backdrop of the city.

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Photographer: Element 35    Coordinator: Celebrations of Love    Ceremony & Reception Venue: River Market Event Space   Gown: Nolte’s Bridal    Menswear: Tip Top Tux    Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids    Invitations: ClearyLane Weddings    Cake: Nancy Stark  Florist: KP Floral & Event Design    Catering: Moxie Catering    Hair & Makeup: White Carpet Bride    DJ: Elite Sounds    Transportation: Overland Chauffeured Services
Mitcher & Emily’s Love Story We both work for the same company, PwC. We work in different departments and usually sit on different floors, so we didn’t run into each other at work. Mitcher had been working for a few years, and I had just started that year, when we met at my first holiday party. Mitcher had a few friends at work who knew me and they knew that I really liked to read, especially Harry Potter. Mitcher, himself, was also a book-lover, so he came up to me to start talking about books. We talked for a few minutes at the holiday party, during which, he recommended a book for me to read. The next morning I woke up and wrote down the name of the book so I could check it out later. After that, we went into busy tax season. I work long hours and travel a lot for work, so I didn’t run into Mitcher until four months later. I ran into him in the kitchen at work and we started our conversation about books again. Over the next few months, we talked occasionally at work events and ended up reading a few books we recommended to each other. Months after that, we became closer and eventually started dating! We dated for about four years before getting engaged. We had thought about getting engaged for a while, and was something we decided together. One day when we were out shopping, we decided to just stop by a few ring stores. That was when it felt real for me. We picked out a ring together. I wanted to get engaged as soon as we got the ring, but he wanted to have a special proposal. A few days after we bought the ring, we went and visited his family in Salina for Thanksgiving and on our drive home on the day after Thanksgiving, he started acting really weird. We had decided to go to Barley’s for dinner that night, which is one of our go-to restaurants. But he kept wanting to put a time on it. I didn’t understand why we had to have a specific time in mind – why couldn’t we just go when we were hungry? Also, he became obsessed with putting up the Christmas tree at home THAT DAY when we got home. It was very suspicious to me because he had never cared about holiday decorations before. So I had a sneaking suspicion he had something planned. However, the good news was that it gave me some time to pick out a favorite outfit and do my makeup how I wanted to. Before we left for dinner, he pulled me over in front of the lit Christmas tree and got down on one knee. Even though I knew what was coming, his speech was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but cry. After his proposal, we (of course!) had to go to dinner! When we got there, all of our friends were to surprise us and celebrate. It was wonderful to get to celebrate with friends on that special day.  When we thought about our wedding, we wanted it to be about “us” and show our friends and family what we were as a couple. So we knew we wanted good food (we are both BIG foodies), great bar options (we have an extensive at-home bar), and a night of dancing (we can’t help but bust a move). So we spent our money on those things since they were really important to us. A Few Special Pieces: Because we are both into wine and were honeymooning in Napa and Sonoma valley, we thought we would mirror our love of wine in our ceremony. In place of a traditional unity candle, we had a wine box ceremony. We chose a favorite bottle of wine and placed it, along with personal notes to each other, in the wine box, to be opened after 5 years. The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day My favorite part of the wedding was seeing my beautiful wife for the first time walking down the aisle and knowing that I was only a few minutes away from being married to her for the rest of my life!   The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day My favorite part of the day was walking back down the aisle hand-in-hand after saying “I do.” We breathed a big sigh of relief and just said, “We’re married!” I love the photo of us together at the end of the aisle. You can see the joy on our faces. It was such an amazing moment.