When attending a wedding, you hope not to find that the venue is crammed, the food is tasteless and the sprinkle-adorned cupcakes disappear before you’ve had a chance to get one for yourself. It only takes one of these experiences for someone to understand why inviting too many guests to a wedding can be a huge disadvantage. Not to mention, the extra price tag associated with each additional attendee.There are a lot of differences between small vs. large weddings.

It takes guts to remove people from your guest list. It is easier to open the floodgates than it is to draw a line draw a line between your first and second cousins when all of them are expecting to receive an invitation. However, we are seeing more and more couples doing just that.

And here are a few reasons why:

  • Free yourself from venue seating restrictions and seat your guests comfortably.
  • Save money that would have spent on distant relatives that can now be spent to further indulge your close family and friend’s experience (nicer food, better favors, etc.).
  • Personalize each part of your wedding. Now that everything is on a smaller scale, you can focus on personalizing features that really make your wedding about you (and your fiancé).
  • Enjoy your wedding with those closest to you without feeling the need to catch up with half of the guest list.
  • Reallocate saved funds towards the blissful honeymoon.

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