Incorporating metallic colors into the wedding color palette has been a popular trend for the past year. And while gold chargers, sequin linens, and foil print invitations are beautiful touches, they have been seen time and time again. When looking for a fresh way to incorporate a metal tone into your wedding, you should consider sprayed floral accents. After all, who doesn’t love details that are sprayed to shine?

In collaboration with your florist, you first want to decide the colors and types of flowers you want to see in your wedding arrangements. From there, you need to select the style of flowers – round and concise arrangements pair well with a formal wedding and loose and cascading arrangements pair well with an outdoor or informal wedding. Once you have the initial appearance decided upon, you can then discuss the metal tone you like (gold, bronze, silver) and the amount needed to accentuate the arrangements you have envisioned.

The Bold Look: 

You can make a bold impact by spraying actual flower blooms in a metallic shade. Two floral examples are roses and succulents. These flowers are larger in size, allowing the metal tone to be easily noticed and admired.  

The Subtle Look:

To keep the vibrant colors of your flowers prominent, choose to emphasize the arrangement with a metal tone. Subtle accents can be made by spraying small greenery pieces or berries to be tucked in around colorful blooms. 

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