St. Lucia has had a long-standing reputation as one of the most sought-after islands in the Caribbean. Both as a military strategic point and a tropical paradise for the rich and elite, the island’s lush foliage and crystal blue waters are suited for all travelers. Why not have a St. Lucia Destination Wedding?

For the adventure lovers: take a drive and end up in the middle of St. Lucia’s premier volcano, La Soufrière.

For the relaxing pair: sink your toes in the white sand and later treat yourself to a Sulfur Springs medicinal rub.

For the active duo: strap on your boots and ascend into the volcanic Pitons for breathtaking views of the island.

Make the most of St. Lucia by experiencing all that the island’s rich history and iconic views have to offer. It will be nothing short of a trip you can brag about when you go home.

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