Unless you have given yourself 18 months to plan the wedding, chances are that at some point you will find yourself stressed out. The amount of decisions and small little details that goes into planning a wedding can overcome the joy of the engagement. We want our brides to stay cool, calm, and collected from “Yes” to “I Do”, so if you ever find yourself arguing about how tall the wedding topper should be or throwing the glue gun across the room after yet another burn, try to remember these few ways that can help you eliminate the wedding woes and stress less.


The easiest way to unload some of the stress on your shoulders is to hand off some responsibilities to those that are willing to help. Ensuring that your vision is carried out is not a problem unless it becomes a burden. Trust that your fiance can research and arrange a shuttle for the bridal party. Invite friends over to help knock out the place cards or guests favors. Limiting the load will allow you to take a deep breath while progress is still being made. If no one has come forward and offered to help, don’t feel that you are adding to their load by asking for assistance. They love you and want you to be a happy, fun-loving bride and would be glad to get included.


Step back from your eight-page to-do list and take time to prioritize your tasks into monthly portions. With the wedding still six months away, there is no reason to be fretting over the first dance song or what time the caterer will be arriving to set up (at least not yet). Organize your list into monthly to-do’s that you can easily manage. Don’t overwhelm yourself- take it all in stride and you will find yourself enjoying each piece a little bit more.


Planning a wedding can not only cause yourself frustration but also friction within your relationship. As the wedding plot thickens, it is important to make wedding decisions together, but even more important to keep the flame between you alive. The solution is as easy as scheduling a date with each other. Yes, schedule it on the planner so that nothing can cancel it. Make reservations, get prettied up, and take a night on the town for just the two of you. Add a cherry on top by not mentioning a word about the wedding. Give yourselves a break from the decisions and discussions that there will be time for later and just enjoy each others company.


If all of the small and immediate steps above have not helped to shake the stress you have been experiencing while planning, then it is time to take a vacation. Take a weekend, a full week, or even a few- whatever you need to bring you back focused, renewed, and ready to finish planning the wedding of a lifetime to the man of your dreams.

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