It goes without saying that boudoir photography in Kansas City has been growing in popularity and versatility over the past few years. So, while the topic (and photos) might be a little risqué to explore, it’s worth it to uncover the true beauty that lies beneath the shoots that have been taking place behind closed doors.  There are typically two types from women when they first hear about a boudoir shoot: an exuberant “Heck, ya!” or a dismissive “Ya, right.” And body type has nothing to do with it; skinny or curvy, it doesn’t matter, women tend to have an opinion that leans one way or another. So, if the waistline isn’t the concern, then what truly lies beneath is one’s mindset.

The Gift You Give Yourself

Boudoir shoots are commonly thought of as a gift. And while, yes, the images can be put into an album, offered as a present, and will undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of your betrothed, it is also an experience which benefits the participant. It is a way to see the beauty of yourself through another’s eyes, to be proud of who you are as a woman, and to embrace yourself in prettiness, flaws and all.  Boudoir shoots have evolved in versatility to reveal one’s personality. Whether it be feisty or quirky, vociferous or reserved, an environment is created for you to share your uniqueness in the most intimate way; revealing a photographic representation of who your fiancé knows you to be day in and day out.

Saying “Yes”

The hardest part of a boudoir shoot is making the decision to do it. Once you have successfully silenced the self-sabotaging voice in your head that is trying to keep you from embracing your beauty, you can move on to the fulfilling excitement of the shoot. Don’t stress yourself out to lose weight or wear outfits that make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to walk in the door knowing how to be a supermodel. Professionals photographer will guide you along the way. Sometimes they put you in poses that feel completely wrong, but that ends up looking hot in the photo. If you are wanting the VIP treatment, hire a hair and makeup stylist to highlight your finest facial qualities. And to relieve any shoot-day jitters, pack a bottle of wine and pre-assemble the perfect playlist.  But most importantly, relax, be confident, and have some fun!

Wedding Vendors behind this Stunning Boudoir Photography in Kansas City

Photographer: Indium Boudoir   Florist: The Cottage Rose   Makeup Artist: Melise Porter   Model: Stephanie Reyes   Videographer: Gold Hairpin Films