In her nature-inspired bridal shoot, this bride effortlessly channels the call of the wild, embodying a spirit that is both fierce and enchanting. The rich and deep hue of burgundy seems to intertwine with her very essence, mirroring the untamed beauty of the natural world.

As the wind blows her dress, she embraces the untamed surroundings, capturing the essence of the wild within her gaze. There’s a fierceness, a determination, and an unapologetic authenticity that radiates from her eyes—a reflection of the untamed spirit that she embodies.

The forest becomes a sanctuary, a partner in her bridal dance. It responds to her energy, the leaves rustling in approval, the sunlight peeking through the branches to caress her with a soft, golden glow. She is one with the wilderness, and the wilderness, in turn, becomes one with her.

A natural fruit wedding cake is a delightful and fresh take on traditional wedding desserts. Incorporating natural fruits into the cake design not only adds a burst of flavor but also infuses a colorful and vibrant aesthetic, perfect for celebrating love and the beauty of nature.

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Photography: Cork Creative     Gown: Bridal Extraordinaire     Flowers: Gilded Vine Design     Hair & Makeup: White Carpet Bride     Rentals: Ultrapom Event Rentals     Fur Skins: Oracle KC    Jewelry: Whiskey + Bone     Catering: Olive Events     Furniture: Bella Patina     Model: Hailey Young     Owl: Wings of Love KC

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