As a hairstylist, there is nothing worse than having to tell a bride that her hair dreams are impossible. Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, this is happening more than ever before. Brides will bring in a stunning photo of their ideal wedding day hair only to find out that their hair won’t work for that hairstyle. Typically, the girls pictured on social media have long, thick, beautiful hair. And most of the time, the looks that everyone loves are achieved by using hair extensions. This is where I realized Tthe impact of NBR extensions.

Hair extensions used to be only popular on the red carpet. Now, extensions are becoming more and more common and for good reason. Hair extensions can be used to give you the length you’ve been hoping for and can add volume and thickness to the length you already have.

Being a hairstylist that specializes in weddings, I have fallen in love with hair extensions. I can now give anyone the Pinterest wedding hair they have always dreamed of. I give my clients with thin hair the confidence boost they need. Extension hair holds curl better than natural hair and can give flat and lifeless locks volume. Two years ago I decided my clients and my brides desperately needed these options. After lots of research and trial and error, I found Natural Beaded Rows to be the best solution.

This method blends with your natural hair more beautifully than any other method I have come across. The amazing part is that it blends with little to no damage to your natural hair. NBR requires no tape, no glue, and no bonds. Removal is quick, easy and does not involve any harsh chemicals or removers. I love this method, and I am confident you will too!

The Natural Beaded Row method uses hand-tied wefts. These wefts are more delicate and thinner than machine tide wefts. This allows the wefts to be stacked together without being bulky. The biggest difference with this method is the point of attachment. Some methods require many rows or attachments and affect most of the hair on your head. NBR is the complete opposite. Most clients only require one row, and one row holds 1-6 wefts. This leaves most of the natural hair completely unaffected. This allows me to custom blend colors for a completely blended and beautiful finished product. I suggest that all of my brides consider adding hair extensions to their beauty routine. The best part; not only will your hair be perfect for wedding day, but you’ll have perfect mermaid hair for the honeymoon too!




About the Author: 

Traci Morby is the owner of Traci Morby Styling. She graduated from Xenon International Academy in 2008 and openend her new (and very darling) studio in December of 2015. At her salon, she specializes in color and extensions. On the weekends, she spends her time on-location working with brides and bridal parties. She provides both hair and makeup services for the big day. She offers a wide range of styles, from old hollywood waves to a romantic updo. For makeup, she uses airbrush makeup for the wedding party. 

Photos: Rachel Stierly Photography

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