Power of Videography

Aaron Datu of Aaron Datu Films is here to relay the power of videography for your wedding day. 

I want you to visualize a scenario. So it’s your 10th year anniversary and you and your significant other are cozy on the living room couch, your kiddos are playing on the floor and you gather them on the couch alongside you, turn on the tv and start playing your wedding film. You maybe forgot you even had it during the craziness of life but wanted to do something different for your anniversary this time around.

As it plays, you hear the ambiance of your day, the birds chirping, the crowd cheering as you’re proclaimed husband and wife. One of your kids says, look it’s mommy and daddy.

You listen to those fun yet meaningful toasts that were shared from your best man and maid of honor. You reminisce as you watch an interaction with your grandparents that passed away a couple years ago. This brings you back to remembering exactly what they told you on that special day.

Then you’re captivated as you listen to those very personalized and intimate letters that you wrote each other and you look around and take in the life you’ve built together, the struggles, the triumphs, the ups and the downs, and you can’t help but fall in love all over again with your significant other, whose been there by your side through it all.

You’ve hit rewind on all the meaningful and heartfelt moments from your wedding day. And you quickly realize this should have been your anniversary tradition all along.

Hopefully I did a good job at helping you visualize something that is years from now. But it ties in perfectly with what we’re talking about today… the power of videography. 


I tell all the couples that I work with to take in the day! Often, you’ll get so wrapped up with making sure everything is the way it should be and sometimes it’s a little hard to be in the moment.

But the one thing that a wedding film does is give you the ability to hit rewind on an important day of the beginning of your marriage, it’s basically a modern-day time machine.

From the moment shared with your dad just minutes away from walking you down the aisle, to the raw emotions shared with your partner at your first look, and all the way to the epic party with your family where grandma shows that she’s still got all the moves! Moments like these happen once, our memories can remember so much but through the power of videography, you get to relive those moments all over again! There is something so sentimentally different about listening and watching those interactions again.

And you’ll notice I said listen, which goes into the next point.


So, this is one aspect that sets video apart from photo. And I’m not here to talk bad about photographers, as they too are very important in capturing and freezing moments in time for years to come. But one thing that a photo can’t do is show movement as well as sound. And yes, there are plenty of photographers that are talented at portraying movement in their photographs. But that leaves sound.

Listening to the voice of those that mean the most to you is something that we are blessed to have in modern day technology. The audio that is intertwined throughout a wedding film makes your wedding film, YOUR wedding film. It gives a story to the pretty visuals, as well as personalizes your film and sets it apart from anyone else’s. This aspect only magnifies the power of videography.

Speaking of legacy, that brings us to the last reason.


If you remember in that visual exercise, I encouraged you to imagine you’re watching your wedding film at your 10-year anniversary, and there was a part about your grandparents passing away. I am not trying to be pessimistic, but real with you. The one thing that I believe to truly value in life, is well… life. The hardest pill to swallow is realizing everyone around you, including yourself, is going to die one day. But having some sort of media to document and cement those so close to you on your wedding that maybe you don’t get to see as often as you like, and having that ability to show your children, your grandchildren, and maybe even your great grandchildren. It’s something that I can barely wrap my head around experiencing, but I know and believe how important it is.

I genuinely want to encourage you to keep your moments young, keep them forever, and share them with your loved ones years from now. Your story deserves to be documented, relieved, and passed down in your legacy. Believe in the power of videography.



COMPANY: Aaron Datu Films

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