After 16 years of DJ’ing in the private and public market, I have witnessed my fair share of parties. In that time I have seen a common denominator for some of the most Epic Successes and Failures when it comes to Pre-Wedding Parties. Here are some quick tips to throwing the best bachelor(ette) party ever that I have experienced hosting and witnessing these events.


Appoint a Party Master

There are a lot of things that go into throwing a successful party. Make sure to appoint a responsible and vocal person (most likely your maid of honor or best man) who can manage the party, oversee the safety of the group and enforce the overall budget. This is your party so you want to make sure you leave all of the important details on someone else’s shoulders.

Reserve a Booth or Private Space

Choose a club or venue where your party can reserve an area for the whole night. The last thing you want is for everyone to have to constantly watch over or move their personal belongings all through out the night. This will optimize your time and give your guests the ability to cut loose and really celebrate your upcoming wedding to the fullest. It will also give you a reserved space to avoid any unwanted guests of the opposite sex that are not responding to the hints that your group is sending about their annoying presence.

Find out who will be Your DJ

It is always a good thing to do a little homework and find out who is the DJ for the evening at your chosen club/venue. Most DJ’s in the club scene are open format, but not all of them. As an established DJ in the private and public scene in Kansas City, I can tell you this; we get format do’s and dont’s from most venues. Each venue has a different focus and cliental and as a DJ its our job to fit their requested mood and genre layout. With this being said, you definitely want to make sure that the venue you choose is using somewhere will accommodate your preferred musical style. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money and not enjoy the atmosphere created by the music being provided.


Don’t Drink and Drive

Always make sure to appoint or hire a designated driver. You never want to be figuring out who is driving at the end of the night. It can make for an unsafe and uncomfortable situation. Also to avoid any after party danger, ask your paid or designated driver to pick your group up at the entrance of the venue.

Don’t Expect Everyone to Pay

A tab can be a blessing and a curse. Make sure your party master has everyone contribute to your group budget or have everyone establish their own tabs at the beginning of the night. You don’t want your party master stuck with a large unpaid bill. It is common for people to leave before the end of your party and if you do not plan, it can set your party up for a sour ending.

Don’t Overlook Your Safety

It’s always good to avoid all problems at every cost. One of the most important ways to do this is to choose a venue that has a very strong and fluent security staff. When inquiring about this, have your planners attend the club beforehand and see how they operate during the prime partying hours. If there happens to be any public drama that occurs at the club/venue during your party, you want to make sure that your security staff can take care of it quickly and efficiently.


Top 3 Approved Club/Venues in KC

1. Hotel Nightclub (Power + Light District)

2. The Foundry (Westport)

3. Tengo Sed Cantina (Power + Light District)

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Written by: Jon Bartlett, Remix DJs

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