Welcome to an exciting journey through the Top 10 Stateside Honeymoon Spots—a curated guide to some of the most enchanting and romantic destinations across the United States. As you step into the world of post-wedding bliss, these idyllic locales offer a blend of adventure, serenity, and romance, promising an unforgettable start to your journey as a married couple.

Why feel like you have to pack your passport for your honeymoon where there are so many beautiful locations stateside where you can find the exact honeymoon you have been hoping for! Here are our top 10 stateside honeymoon destinations:


For the adventure seekers, take a hike in the rainforest and visit some active volcanos (yes, there is real flowing lava), or visit one of the eight national parks. And for those that are history buffs, schedule a trip to Pearl Harbor to view the fallen ships and observe the heartening memorial. Don’t forget to top off your evening by attending a traditional luau!

Hawaii provides the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration to fully satisfy a honeymoon in paradise.

Advantages: The multitude of entertainment options appeals to all personalities. 

Disadvantages: It can easily take a full day to fly to Hawaii, but once you’re there, you will never want to leave.

When to Visit: December – March

Things to Do: Beaches, whale watching, snorkeling, nature tours, visit historic sites, luaus, volcanos, national parks

Price: $$$$


Time seems to slow down when in Savannah, and who wouldn’t want their honeymoon to feel like a lifetime vacation? As the first colonized city in Georgia, Savannah boasts the beauty of southern charm with cobblestone streets and magnificent architecture, making it the perfect addition to our top 10 stateside honeymoon spots. Food of flair is served at each corner, whether it be a street-side café or a famous southern-fried delectable. And the oak-lined avenues of Forsyth Park welcome an afternoon picnic or a peaceful evening stroll.

To step back in time, tours of the earliest mansions, forts, and waterways are available. And with century-old houses, comes the tales of ghosts. Savannah has been recognized as “America’s Most Haunted City” and welcomes visitors to experience the supernatural ambiance of Bonaventure Cemetery. While a cemetery seems a little doom and gloom for a honeymoon, there are other ways to enjoy the city. Savannah boasts a beautiful beach that is sure to please any beach bum. 

Savannah has southern charm, history alive in its streets, and an eclectic style unique to no other city.

Advantages: Experiencing Savannah is relatively inexpensive, many of the attractions are free.

Disadvantages: The city is one to explore during the day and doesn’t offer many nightlight options.

When to Visit: March – July

Things to Do: Walks in the park, history tours, shopping, ghost tours, beach time, culinary treats, art galleries

Price: $


A short drive from Jackson Hole is the two most highly recommended national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. The Grand Teton National Park is the smaller of the two and boasts towering mountain tops covered in snow and crystal clear lakes at the base. Yellowstone National Park is unique to their colorful pools around hot springs and endless meadows with grazing wildlife.

Honeymooning in Jackson Hole gives you the opportunity to disconnect from busy life, take in the beauty of the world around you, and start your marriage in a peaceful way.

Advantages: The natural beauty of the land and the wildlife that accompanies it brings out the explorer in everyone.

Disadvantages: The outdoors is the source of entertainment, so if you have no intention of lacing up your hiking boots, this isn’t the place for you.

When to Visit: April – June or September – November

Things to Do: Skiing, hiking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, viewing wildlife, golfing

Price: $$


With hundreds of winery stops on the map, you can hand pick your palate to appease. And since pairing food and wine is a delicate expertise, award-winning culinary restaurants are sprinkled throughout the region to satisfy any appetite. To see Napa Country in its entirety, hot air balloon rides are offered throughout the day. The natural beauty of the land coupled with the endless rows of vines is a view you will never forget.

Need to take a day off? Schedule a round of golf at a championship course or a day at a luxury spa. 

Whether you like a dry white or a sweet red, Napa Valley is the perfect honeymoon destination for food and wine enthusiasts.  

Advantages: There are hundreds of wineries to choose from, so custom tailor your trip to reflect your palate’s desires. 

Disadvantages: The view is beautiful, but this is a wine-lovers vacation. If you don’t like wine, this won’t suit your taste buds. 

When to Visit: March – May or September – November

Things to Do: Wine tastings, air balloon rides, historical tours, spa, golfing, exquisite dining

Price: $$$$


The best part about Key West is that the exploration doesn’t stop at water’s edge. The scuba diving and snorkeling are known to be one of the best in the world. And deep sea fishing and boat tours deliver sightseeing and wonders of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach, while a bit rocky, provides a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy an ice cold margarita. And if you are the type to get restless, the vibrancy of Duval Street is an awesome way to spend the afternoon learning the history of the island and doing a little shopping. The range of options in Key West place it top 10 stateside honeymoon spots.

Key West has it all: beautiful sunrises, vibrant scuba diving, a relaxing beach, and fun nightlife.

Advantages: The island is just the right size to fully experience the culture, history, and seaside lifestyle. 

Disadvantages: The beaches are usually rocky and sometimes shallow, making for only a partial beach experience.

When to Visit: March – May

Things to Do: Scuba and snorkeling, boat tours, fishing, shopping, historical tours

Price: $$$


Provincetown is the home to some of the best whale watching in the area. Colorful cottages line the streets, where you can find local artistry, exceptional culinary varieties, and one-of-a-kind shops. Many festivals take place during the summer which features music, food, and the area’s very own shellfish. 

Cape Cod is perfect for the couple that is wanting to enjoy their honeymoon in blissful detachment from the busy world. You can rent a home and never leave, or you can take a few trips into town to engage with the local culture. Either way, paradise awaits you!

Advantages: Everything is relaxing in Cape Cod. The secluded houses, private beaches, and exquisite dining are all at your disposal.

Disadvantages: Being a small area, there are limited activities that you can choose from. 

When to Visit: May – June or September – October

Things to Do: Riding bikes, sitting seaside, boating, kayaking, whale watching, sailing, golfing

Price: $$$


There are two strips in Vegas. The new strip is the one you see in movies, with the Bellagio fountains and the Eiffel Tower replica. It is where the hotels, restaurants, and people watching is in full abundance. The old Vegas strip is just a few miles away and is equally a fun time with LED canopy shows, a zip line that stretches the length of the strip, and an open container policy that allows to you take your drink to go. 

Whether you enjoy gambling, sipping delicious drinks poolside, savoring food from some of the finest chef’s in America or attending prominent shows, this city is for you!

Advantages: There is always something to do and deals to shop when planning your honeymoon in Vegas.

Disadvantages: You will rarely find a quiet moment, the city is always awake.

When to Visit: March – May or September – November

Things to Do: Concerts, shows, gambling, sit poolside, fine dining, walk the strip

Price: $$


The town is small, but not limited in options for fun. Book a couple’s day at the luxury spa, or stroll the intimate streets for a unique find at a shop or a Southwestern-style meal. During the day, you can hike the trails to gain vantage on some of the most beautiful sunset sights or hop in an ATV for a faster scenic route. If you find yourself wanting to broaden out, you can make a day trip to the Grand Canyon to witness one of the wonders of America. If the social scene is more your style, head south to Phoenix, where you can visit botanical museums, art galleries, and the nightlife in Scottsdale.

Sedona provides a very relaxing and welcoming environment to all its visitors, putting it in our Top 10 Stateside Honeymoon Spots. After a few days, you will feel at home with the town and broaden your wings to witnessing the glory of the mountains surrounding you.

Advantages: The views around Sedona are breathtaking, take advantage of hiking or plane rental to take in the vast horizon. 

Disadvantages: Being a small town, you may get bored. Scheduling day trips to outside areas would be beneficial. 

When to Visit: March – June

Things to Do: Hiking, golfing, spa, ATV tours, horseback riding, shopping, plane charters 

Price: $


When the temperatures rise, and the snow melts away, a beautiful mountain range is uncovered to warrant a whole new multitude of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, biking, and horseback riding are popular favorites for summer visitors. 

Whether you need a break from the trails or the slopes, you can schedule a tour of one of the local breweries, visit museums and art galleries, or relish in elite shopping. 

Aspen is a magnificent town in all seasons. The mountain range adapts to offer an adventurous and awe-inspiring backdrop to your honeymoon.

Advantages: There is something to do both during the winter and summer months, making it convenient for any honeymooning couple.

Disadvantages: As a refuge to celebrities and the elite, the price tag on staying at a premier lodge can be pricey. 

When to Visit: June – August or December – February

Things to Do: Skiing, hiking, brewery tours, shows, biking, horseback riding, shopping, museums & galleries

Price: $$$


As you walk down the infamous French Quarter, you will hear the frivolous sounds of Jazz music fill the streets. With large ferns hanging from the terraces of the intricate buildings, the smell of authentic Cajun food pours out of the home-grown restaurants. The atmosphere of the quarter is a wonderful experience to have claimed to try, but it isn’t for everyone. If you would prefer a quieter honeymoon, then dive into the history of New Orleans. A walk through the Garden District, a collection of the most beautiful homes and plantations in the city, will gain your appreciation for the imaginative architecture of the town. Stop for an afternoon coffee at a street-side café and explore the boutique stores and antique shops for a unique treasure. 

New Orleans is the perfect destination for a couple that likes to have fun but also appreciates the history of a city.

Advantages: While labeled a party city, the culture, and history that can be explored is inspirational in learning the story behind the town.

Disadvantages: Many areas of the city are very tourist related, find unique things to do to disconnect from the craziness.

When to Visit: February – May

Things to Do: Live-music, sight-seeing tours, garden district, streetcars, French Quarter, exquisite dining, shopping

Price: $$

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