Embarking on a journey to capture the timeless moments of your big day, these 15 wedding photo stops promise to encapsulate the beauty of love against the vibrant backdrop of Kansas City.

  1. The Nelson-Atkins Museum 
  2. Liberty Memorial
  3. Ivy Wall by Grinders
  4. Union Station
  5. Museum at Prairie Fire
  6. “KC I’m So In Love” Painting
  7. Loose Park
  8. 12th Street Bridge
  9. Kauffman Center for Performing Arts
  10. Grinter’s Sunflower Farm
  11. The West Bottoms
  12. Kauffman Memorial Gardens
  13. The Crossroads
  14. Powell Gardens
  15. Unity Village
Making stops on your wedding day is a wonderful way to immortalize the joy, love, and beauty of this significant milestone in your life. Incorporating these unique and diverse photo stops into your wedding day allows you to weave the essence of Kansas City into the fabric of your love story, creating a visual testament to the beauty of your special day. Ultimately, stopping for photos on your wedding day serve to enrich the visual narrative of your love story, offering a beautiful testament to the start of your shared journey as a married couple. From the Nelson-Atkins Museum to the “KC I’m So In Love” Painting to The Crossroads, incorporating locations throughout the heart of Kansas City is sure to provide an authentic and local feel to your day.
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