Top 2020 Wedding Trends

Eons ago, weddings were cut and dry. You picked a Saturday or Sunday, blocked off a few hours in the church basement, and got everyone busy baking treats. If you were lucky, someone had a faux flower bouquet on hand and still in-tact that you used to walk down the aisle. But let’s jump ahead to now! Here are some of the top 2020 wedding trends.

Those getting married over the next few years are blessed with endless options. And cursed with endless options. Let’s face it: it’s down-right overwhelming. There’s an unspoken rule that your wedding must be amazing. And of course, there’s the struggle to create a completely different (and better) experience than all the other weddings you’ve been to. No pressure.  

Due to the desire to be new and different, trends tend come and go. And if you don’t want your wedding to look like the baguette-encrusted, pear-shaped-diamond-in-a-gold-band ring that was all the rage in 2005, you need to know what the new trends are. We’ve compiled some of the hottest looks and feels this year has to offer. 


Instead of his side and her side, couples are mixing it up. Whether that is surrounding the altar in a circular pattern, to having an interactive ceremony with special-guest input, there’s no longer one way to set the stage. Perhaps one of our favorite examples is of a couple who planned to get married in a meadow. They threw wildflower seeds everywhere and let the grass grow throughout the summer. When the big day approached, they mowed a single aisle winding through the wildflower meadow for the bride to walk down. Magical? Yes. Difficult to do? No.

Lexie Penichet Photography


Vellum hit its stride in 2019 in everything from invitation overlays, envelopes, and escort cards. But, couples are starting to mix it up, and think beyond the sheer paper for other textures. Popular options include velvet, gold leafing, leather, and suede. This is a sure fire way to set your event apart using the top 2020 wedding trends.


Hindsight is 20/20, and take it from past brides, the hardest part of the wedding is only getting a few short minutes with all of your favorite people. So, where budgets allow, people are extending the celebration over the course of three days. While it might limit the number of people that can be involved, it definitely allows for quality over quantity. You get so much more time to celebrate with those that you love, and it creates added value for those traveling in from out of town. Or, now that most couples are already living together prior to marriage, some opt to take their guests out of town for a few days to create an entire week of wedding bliss! 


If your big day is for a small number of your nearest and dearest, forget the favors altogether. Instead, write a personal note to each guest for their place setting. The thoughtfulness that goes into this will certainly be appreciated AND leave a lasting impression. After all, who wouldn’t want to know how much they mean to you?! 


Instead, couples are opting for an edgier look, starting with more modern colors. Forget blush and opt instead for rich charcoals and blacks, with copper accessories and tableware. These colors contrast nicely with the light or vibrant florals, and create a look that is hard to take your eyes off of.


With people craving more ambient settings, lighting is (almost) everything. While Edison bulbs have been a raving hit, brides and grooms are looking to mix it up, and add colorful lanterns, chandeliers, or lamps like you would use at home to cozy up the space and create the ultimate atmosphere.  


Want to take the path less traveled? Consider eliminating the flowers, and opting for a more bohemian option instead, such a Wheat or Pampas grass. These can easily make a grand statement, as they are chic, and yet easy to manage. They can be grown large to create added depth.


For the food lovers, forgo choosing between the buffet or the standard chicken or fish option, and put a creative flair into it instead. Consider an array of gourmet stations set around, with flavors from around the world, or a few of your favorites from each type of cuisine. Not only does it help every guest find something they can devour, but it sets a bar that will be hard to raise.


This is ignoring trends altogether and creating a mood or ambiance instead. While most of your guests will forget the menu, and the cut-out hearts you used for favors, they’re more likely to remember how they felt. The tone you set determines their takeaway for years to come.

Enjoy Top 2020 Wedding Trends? Ready to start finding vendors for your wedding? Check out our collection of Kansas City Wedding Vendors.