Trendy Wedding Cake Design


The traditional vanilla almond “wedding cake” has been one of my top requested flavors. Everyone loves it and you just can’t’ go wrong. If you are wanting to add some flavor to the vanilla almond, have caramel infused into the layers. Then pair it with a vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, and you’ve got a hit! Another popular favorite of my clients is chocolate with chocolate ganache infused in layers, paired with a milk chocolate Italian meringue buttercream. This trendy wedding cake design makes for one moist and decadent chocolate cake!


To save the top tier of your cake or to order a small cake for your anniversary? That has been a constant question from all of my clients. And in the end, about 90% of them are forgoing the tradition and NOT saving their top tier. Let’s be real, after being wrapped up and stored for 365 days, your cake is not going to taste as wonderful as it did on your wedding day. So instead, order a small fresh cake by your same designer as a replica of your top tier. Not only will it look the same as it did on your wedding day, but it will taste just as fresh!


Design, my favorite part! Some couples like to keep with the traditional white wedding cake. Nothing wrong with that; floral and greenery can be added to accent it beautifully. But don’t forget, there are endless ways that you can make your cake a wow-worthy statement at your wedding. Trending now for unique designs is to have ununiformed tiers, meaning each tier is different from the others; it could be in shape, height, coloring, or design. Another trendy wedding cake design is to have rough edges, giving the cake a more vintage/weathered look. I am always up to design a traditional look for you, but if you are looking to get creative, I am your gal for that, too!



COMPANY: Water to Wheat Cakery

Hi! I’m Aubrey Eitland, the self-taught cake baker and designer behind Water to Wheat Cakery. I bet you’re wondering what Water to Wheat means. I am so glad you asked! We are located in the rolling wheat fields of Kansas. Prior to that, I had the privilege of living by the beautiful waters of Ventura, CA, hence… Water to Wheat! If you would like to set up a cake tasting, please visit and fill out my contact form under Wedding. Thank you so much and I look forward to serving you some cake!

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