unbelievable honeymoons

Way back in the 5th century, the idea of honeymoons came about when couples were gifted mead. They would drink this honey-based alcohol, considered an aphrodisiac, on the first moon after the wedding, to set the tone for the years to follow. Talk about a crazy start to some unbelievable honeymoons.

By the 19th century, in Britain, the honeymoon became the opportunity for the couple to travel around and visit with the out-of-town guests that couldn’t attend. It was certainly not the getaway we know it as today.

Eventually, they evolved to most couples seeking out a spot in the sun and spending the week being beached on the sand, basking in the ability to do virtually nothing.

These days, those honeymoon wishes are being washed out to sea, as more couples opt for adventure and authentic experience over lazy days. They want to seek and explore, to uncover hidden gems, and take the roads less traveled by. They say few things bond a couple more than a shared experience. In fact, studies show that 63% of couples credit traveling as a main pillar of staying power for their relationship.

It bonds you in a way that you rarely achieve in your ordinary life. Getting out of your comfort zone gives you a greater understanding as you navigate foreign territory, uncover your limitations, and understand how you can better complement each other. It ignites passion, forces stronger communication, and allows them to just live in that moment.

And then there are the bragging rights. You have the chance to come back from your honeymoon with much more than a stronger bond. You can have stories to regale about the howler monkeys you saw on your trek through the Amazon. You could end up with an Instagram page with photos that rival the most enviable influencers. And you have the chance to discover places most people will never set foot in. This is your chance to earn your bragging rights, and set the precedence for a life together full of adventure and epic memories, much greater than the time you laid on the beach for a week straight.

So, if you’re looking for a few epic ideas, here are a few unbelievable honeymoons options to consider:

unique and unbelievable honeymoons


In the Mandalay Region of Myanmar lies the ancient city of Bagan. This unspoiled landscape is brimming with vibrant green fields, a slew of temples, and a host of 11th century pagodas. There is no shortage of things to do however, as you’re invited to explore the city by bike, or take a hot balloon ride over the top of the city to take it all in at once. In fact, you’re likely to be the only ones you know who’ve ever set foot in this land.


Argentina is perhaps the most underrated epic experience. Those who have experienced its many facets never grow tired of talking about their time in this majestic land. Not to mention, it happens to have the worlds 3rd largest concentration of ice, after the north and south poles. And in the Patagonia region, in Los Glaciares National Park, is where you’ll find The Perito Moreno Glacier. Spanning 97 miles wide, and rising 240 ft. above the water, it’s an unforgettable sight to see. And one you can actually trek across before having your photo taken with a glass of whiskey chilled by a small piece of glacier.

NOTE: Be prepared for your friends to wonder if your pics are photoshopped, they’ll look so unreal! We said these were unbelievable honeymoons, didn’t we?

unbelievable honeymoon locations


Ever fantasized about being cast away? With about 800 islands that make up Scotland, now is your chance to experience your own private oasis without taking out a loan to do so. Once you’ve kayaked from the mainland, experience camping at its finest, with only the possibility of a few sheep to keep you company.


It’s common knowledge that Alaska and Iceland are where you can see the Northern Lights. But, perhaps some of the most incredible celestial sights can be seen from Namibrand in Namibia, where the remote, pitch-black atmosphere creates the perfect storm for an unforgettable star shower. Scour the lands during the day, and by night, luxury chalets are where you’ll stay.  Trust us, you’ll have Instagram content for days and days.


While many a tourist has trekked through the tourist trap that is Machu Picchu, consider going to Colombia instead. Home of the Lost City, it’s another ancient civilization, albeit lesser known.  Instead of competing with a line of busses letting off guests armed with camera-phones, you can explore this lost city and actually experience it for yourself without preconceived ideas of what you’re going to find. It’s truly a cultural immersion.


Imagine modern cruising amenities, and the chance to see some of the world’s most unforgettable destinations accessible only by sea. But, imagine doing all of that on a tall sailing ship, giving you the luxury boutique experience. Avoid the crowds that come with a city-on-the-sea environment of a cruise liner, and instead feeling like you’re achieving a truly nautical experience.


Only take your honeymoon to Turkey if you have plenty of time to stay, as there is far too much to do to pack into a few days. Istanbul is the only city that straddles two continents and is home to the world’s largest mall. But, aside from the shopping, this place is famous for its hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia. You can sleep in a cave-turned-cabin, and explore ancient rock formations. It’s an experience you’ll never find in any other part of the world!


For the hiking enthusiasts, this New Zealand path will take approximately four days to complete the 53km, and is definitely not short on scenery. Picture lakes, waterfalls, and ice fields, as you trek through Fiordland National Park. You’ll take in so much Pioneer history as you cross the panoramic Mackinnon Pass.

Now, the hardest part is picking which of these unbelievable honeymoons to choose. And those are just the tip of the iceberg. But, I think we can all agree that any way you go will be far more exciting and provide far more stories to tell upon your return, than a simple beach getaway. So, live a little, and dare to go somewhere different.  You deserve bragging rights, and your honeymoon is the perfect place to earn them!

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