unique engagement photo spots

Engagement photos are the first opportunity for you and your fiancé to snuggle up close and take photos together. It’s also the first opportunity for you to feel camera shy and adopt the what-do-I-do-with-my-hands syndrome. Lucky for you there will be a professional photographer with you to assist in posing, help you loosen up, and make sure your hands are properly placed. Knowing that you will be well taken care of once you arrive leaves you tasked with the important decision of where the shoot will take place. There are many popular shooting sites throughout Kanas City. Take Liberty Memorial, Loose Park, and the Plaza as some of them. So popular in fact that you will likely run into other couples taking photos at the same locations (not to mention full wedding parties on wedding days). In order to give you a more private experience for your engagement session, we recommend expanding your possibilities to more unique engagement photo spots.

In partnership with Timshel Studios, we’ve collected a series of unique locations for you. From laid-back and carefree to serious and saucy, you’ll see that each couple has created a distinctive feel for their shoot through the location that they chose. 







Greenhouse  |  Aquarium  |  Cafe  |  Carnival  |  Bowling Alley  |  University  |  Art Gallery  |  Bustling City Space  |  Antique Store  |  Zoo  |  Carousel  |  Rooftop  |  Ice Cream Shop

It’s time for you to start brainstorming – what is a unique engagement photo spot that is meaningful to you and your fiancé? Don’t get caught up on thinking that it isn’t “pretty” enough for a photo shoot – let your photographer work that magic. Instead, focus on the meaning behind the location, how it represents your interests, and how it is a piece of your relationship’s story. It will be that type of spot that has your friends and family saying, “that’s so them!” when they get your save-the-date and will later give you a rush of nostalgia as you look back on the photos and stroll down memory lane. 

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