One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is deciding what it will sound like, you want it to be wed to a different tune. And you have more than one affair to think of as you determine the sounds of your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. The old school approach is to hire a DJ and have them click “Play” and “Next” throughout your event. While it will get the job done and the room filled with sound, it is less than entertaining. The day is about you (of course), but part of your duties as host is to entertain your guests and thinking outside the box on the entertainment you choose can be an easy way to infuse fun and life into your event.

A hot new sound in Kansas City, which is becoming a popular favorite to couples as they plan their wedding festivities, is dueling pianos. You may immediately think to a night out with friends at a piano bar and initially dismiss the idea, but consider this… just like a wedding DJ sounds different than a club DJ, the musicians of Hammers Entertainment have evolved the sound of dueling pianos to mold to the characteristics of a wedding. Your wedding.

For the Ceremony:

This moment is all about you! Along with pianos, Hammers Entertainment offers the beautiful echoes of violins and other instruments to produce a full sound in the room as you embark on your walk down the aisle. Perfect compositions are arranged and performed to reflect your personal style. 

For the Meantime or Mealtime:

Cocktail hour and dinner are ideal times for laid-back music to be played that is entertaining to the ear but does not interfere with conversations. A blend of classics and modern songs can be arranged to appeal to all.

For the Reception: 

A high energy, entertaining show with professional interactions from start to finish will leave your guests struck with the motivation to jump to their feet and dance. Start the night with the “G” rated songs for the kids and Grandma and as they night transitions, switch up the rating for the adult crowd. 

Contact Hammers Entertainment for more information on how to incorporate their dueling pianos into your wedding day: 816-863-2738 or email them at

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