After deciding upon a theme or look for your wedding, you then want to consult with a wedding branding consultant or learn what it will take to make the magic happen yourself. Wedding branding is simply the process of carrying a chosen look throughout the wedding; from the invites to the place cards to the table arrangements. Like a business brand, you are branding your wedding. Here are some items that will need to be chosen to establish your wedding brand:

Colors: decide on a color palette for the wedding. Simply one or two colors won’t do. You need to pick 4-5 colors total with 2-3 main colors and a few additional colors for accenting. These colors will be used to select the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen tie color, flowers, invitation colors, linens, and much more throughout the planning process.

Font: select 2-3 different fonts to use on all of your paper materials. The first needs to be a script font; the two secondary fonts need to be basic fonts. These fonts will be used on all of your paper materials for the wedding: invitation, program, menu card, place card, etc.

Voice: decide what type of voice you want your wedding branding to have and how it relates to your wedding. The three options include: formal, semi-formal, and casual. If your wedding is in a fancy venue with gold-rimmed china, then you want your voice to be formal. If you are hosting your wedding in a barn with handpicked bouquets, you want your voice to be casual. What you choose allows your guests to know the formality of the event from the moment they receive the invitation.

Accents: selecting a special graphic to go along with your wedding brand can be an added touch your guests won’t see elsewhere. You can find accents online or have them professionally created. A monogram is an example of an accenting piece. It can be placed on all of the paper products and even cut out by a lighting company to shine on the dance floor. Other examples of accents include gold glitter paper (to line the inside of the invitation envelop or border the bar menu), vintage-inspired lace (to serve as runners on the tables and as a backdrop on the invitation) or a beautifully arranged flower wreath (that can be mimicked by a florist to hang behind the ceremony or printed with the guest’s name inside as the place card). The options are endless and available for you to customize either with a graphic designer or to purchase online.

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