Wedding day hair and makeup can be stressful to navigate. Traci Morby answers commonly asked questions about what it should look like.

Q: Is it really necessary for me to schedule a trial appointment for my hair and make-up?

A: Yes, a trial appointment is beneficial for both you and the stylist. The trial appointment allows you to iron out all of the details of your wedding day look so that things will go smoothly on the big day. It also allows the stylist the chance to practice and find your likes and dislikes.

Q: What should I make sure to bring to my trial appointment?

A: Bring with you any veils or headpieces you may wear for the wedding day as well as pictures of your desired look. I always recommend for my brides to bring me their Pinterest beauty board. This gives me an idea of their personal style. It also gives us a chance to go through the photos together to determine a realistic expectation. Many times a blonde haired, blue eyed bride will show me a picture of a darkly complected model. We want to make you look like the best you, not someone else.

Q:  Should I wash my hair the morning of the wedding?

A: For most styles, the answer is no. Typically day old hair will hold back combing and curl better than clean hair. This is something we will discuss at the trial appointment after the final hairstyle has been chosen.

Q: False eyelashes: Do I really need them?

A: There are very few brides I don’t recommend false eyelashes to. Even brides with great natural lashes end up happy that they decided to wear false lashes. The false lashes look amazing in photos if the right ones are chosen.  If you opt to buy your own lashes, stick to the ‘natural’ or ‘wispy’ styles.

I apply all of the eye makeup first and put false lashes on only one eye. After application, I ask the photographer to take a quick picture so the bride can see herself in the photo and choose if she likes her look better with or without the false lashes.

Q: My wedding day is going to be long. How can I make sure my makeup lasts?

A: The simple answer is airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup became popular in Hollywood for red carpet events and has finally found its way into almost every makeup artist’s kit.

Airbrush makeup claims to last up to 18 hours. It’s hard to believe but I highly recommend coming in for a trial and putting it to the test yourself before the big day. An added bonus is its flawless finish. It looks great in photos and photographers love it.

Q: How do I make my lip color last all day?

A: I always recommend to my brides to bring their own lip gloss for touch ups throughout the day. I will apply a color stain as a base, which will give you all day color. Then all you have to do is re-apply the gloss after eating or drinking.

About Traci Morby:

Traci has always loved working with brides in their own environment on their wedding day, allowing the bride, her friends and family to begin the day relaxed. She strives to make brides look and feel their best on the most important day of their life.

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