Wedding Flowers That Last Forever


What “wood” you do if we told you that you could have wedding flowers that last forever? Sounds pretty amazing, right? While fresh blooms are widely considered the often-traveled “traditional route”, wood flowers are a budding trend, offering many benefits that go beyond a one-day investment. We wanted to learn more about these beauties, so we met up with a local designer, Amélie Nolen from Forever Flowers KC to learn how she creates these stunning, lifelike blooms out of dyed, handcrafted wood.


Every flower has a story, a place that it originates from, a place in nature that it represents. Same is true for a forever flower. These beautiful blooms are handmade from sola wood, also known as Balsa wood, which is derived from a tapioca plant. They are lightweight, foamy feeling to the touch, and can contain some visible woodgrain, bark, and knots. While some people may see these characteristics as flaws, Amélie likes these imperfections because it gives each flower its own distinct look. While the flower has its own life’s chapter, it becomes a part of a much bigger story: yours.


When creating arrangements, wood flowers are assembled with a mix of faux flowers and preserved greenery to create a balanced look that is stunning and will never wilt. From the style to the size, each arrangement is fully customized to include a couple’s desired colors and flower types. Whether needing a bold bridal bouquet, subtle boutonnieres, stunning centerpieces, or a lush-looking arch, there is truly no limit to these lifelike floral creations. Amélie says she meets with each of her clients to learn about their wedding style and colors. Then during creation, she dyes each flower to match their requested colors. In fact, with the dye used, she can create an identical color match, which sometimes isn’t possible with real flowers. And because the arrangements won’t die, they can be completed as early as a month before your wedding day, giving you some extra peace of mind when it comes to juggling wedding planning to-dos. 


We are going to dive into our favorite part of these arrangements – which is that they last forever – but there is a benefit to their lifespan even before you’ve used them on the wedding day. And that’s that you can use these forever flowers for all of your wedding festivities. Get multiple uses out of the long-lasting arrangements by displaying them at your engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and on your wedding day. Now that’s some bang for your buck! 

Now, to get back to that “forever” part… let’s talk about how important these arrangements will not only be on your wedding day, but how you can repurpose their importance after the nuptials have passed. To start, there’s no need to say goodbye to your bridal bouquet, which is one of the most iconic pieces belonging to a bride next to the wedding gown. Now you can keep it as a joyful reminder that won’t wilt or change shape. Plus, you don’t have to preserve it, put it in a box, and store it like your wedding gown; you can keep your bouquet out and visible within your home!

Beyond your bouquet, your forever flower arrangements can have multiple uses as home décor. To start, no more buying fresh flowers to display on your kitchen table every week! Do you plan to have a floral arrangement displayed on your arch or strewn about your sweetheart table? Rather than shoving it in storage, you can place it across your fireplace mantle during the spring and summer months. It’s not just the beauty that these arrangements have that are pleasing to display around your home, it’s also the beautiful memories that they evoke.

If you find that you have too many forever flowers to put around your home, maybe gifting some to your beloved friends and family would be a good gesture. After all, your loved ones were dedicated to making your wedding the best day ever. Show them your gratitude by gifting a forever centerpiece post-wedding and let your bridesmaids keep their bouquets. They’ll love the sweet gesture and keepsake that can also double as a new piece of home décor.

There is an endless amount of beauty to be found in these forever flowers. Unique in style and conversation worthy, they will be a lasting memory of your wedding day and become a piece of your new home that you will share together. As lovers of real flowers, we were skeptical at first, but after hearing Amélie’s story and seeing firsthand the beauty that she creates, we’re sold. Forever Flowers are now one of our favorites. Now go get you some wedding flowers that last forever!

If you’re interested in learning more about Forever Flowers KC and possibly adding them to your wedding, you can reach out to Amélie at And to see more of her beautiful designs, visit her site at

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