Isreal & Emily’s Wedding of Blooms at The Bauer was a celebration that epitomized the beauty of love in full bloom. The Bauer, a historic industrial-chic venue, provided a unique and enchanting setting for their special day.

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Bauer    Photography: Paper Sun Photography    Gown: Altar Bridal    Menswear: Tailor Vintage Wear    Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom & J Crew    Invitations: Garcia Squared Contemporary     Cake: Christina Taylor    Hair & Makeup: Jamie Miller Hair Parlour     Florist: Cynthia Hilles
Isreal & Emily’s Love Story Israel and Emily met where many of today’s couples quickly become acquainted, the World Wide Web. That’s right, a little website by the name of OK Cupid. The site had only given these two a 60% match, and when Isreal sent Emily his first message in March of 2014, she gave it a cold shoulder. She finally came around after receiving a second message and decided to respond. The two started to talk, text, and get to know one another. In mid-April Israel finally got the courage to ask Emily out on their first date.  On April 19, 2014, Israel sent Emily two very long numbers in a text message. “He’s obviously a serial killer,” Emily’s friend Sarah spouted out as she quickly figured out what the numbers represented in his text message. They were geographic locations (latitude and longitude) of two places in which Israel had made dinner reservations. It was entirely up to Emily which place they would dine, and she of course picked her favorite, sushi. When Emily arrived Israel handed her a flower, instantly made her feel very comfortable, and the two became lost in conversation into the wee hours of the night. Over the next few months Israel continued to romance Emily in more ways than she knew to be possible. By July, Israel and Emily were head over heels for one another, and they both knew that what they shared was something very special. She knew that she had found her perfect fit, and Israel may have too as he started working on some “intense artwork” that he kept secret from Emily. He began contemplating what her ring might look like. On April 19, 2015 the couple celebrated their first anniversary. Isreal beganthe night by sending Emily on a scavenger hunt through the crossroads. He, of course, used several text messages filled with latitude and longitude coordinates as he had done the year before. She ended up at the same sushi joint where the two had dined on their first date. There Isreal stood in the parking lot smiling his gigantic grin. As they walked closer to the restaurant Emily realized it was closed. At that same moment Israel pulled out a key. He had decorated the outdoor patio with candles. They sat and enjoyed each others company and then Israel pulled out a box. Inside the box was his porcelain hand holding a diamond ring. Emily was shocked and screamed. She barely let him speak. To this day that moment is a blur to both Emily and Israel, but it was significant as it opened up a door to forever for the happy couple.  One thing that drew Emily and Israel together from the start was the fact that both individuals loved art and were both very creative in so many ways. Israel, being an artist, and Emily being known for throwing a beautiful shower, party, or event, eagerly began planning their own dream wedding. They wanted a bohemian-vintage style, with a very casual feel. They wanted their guests to walk in and be taken back by the details the two worked hard creating. And that is exactly what happened. A Few Special Pieces: The Groom designed and made both the engagement ring and wedding bands himself. The couple designed and created their own “flower wall” altar and during the ceremony had readings in English and Spanish to represent the two cultures being intertwined and the two families joining together. A mariachi band played for the first dance, whom also played the night they got engaged, just one year prior. The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day Without a doubt the first look. We both had tears streaming down our faces and were lost in each other for the moment. Emily tapped me on the shoulder and turning around to see my beautiful bride was by far the best part of my day!  The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day The ceremony was perfect in every way. I loved walking down the aisle and seeing Israel smiling at me. There was something about that moment that was just indescribable. My sister was an amazing officiant and made it so perfect. We put a lot of thought into everything that day but the ceremony had so much more meaning to me. She made it so personal and the guests were just raving about what a beautiful ceremony it was in such a magical place.