Before the flowing white dress, beautifully arranged flowers, and everlasting day of excitement arrives, there is a moment that starts it all, the proposal. So, when Trevor, a man ready to proclaim his love, reached out to us for help in planning his wedding proposal in Kansas City to his girlfriend, Jessica. We couldn’t pass it up.

While getting to know more about the couple, we learned that both Jessica and Trevor loved football and had made a Sunday tradition of always attending or watching a Chief’s game. That brought us to the conclusion that there was no better place to plan the proposal other than Arrowhead Stadium itself. Trevor agreed, and the location to pop the question was set. 

The Details

Now came the time to plan out all the details. This seemed to come naturally to Trevor, “The thing I knew for certain was that I wanted to catch Jessica completely off guard. Thankfully my birthday aligned up with the home opener which made for a perfect distraction and excuse to get all our friends there without her catching on.” Trevor felt that it would be best to propose while tailgating so that friends and family could be in attendance. 

Now that we had a location and a secret strategy for inviting guests, it was time to plan out the play-by-play (pun intended) to how this wedding proposal in Kansas City was going to unfold. Here’s what we came up with…

The EA Bride team was to go undercover as media reporters in pursuit to interview the most enthusiastic tailgaters. Upon arriving to Trevor’s group, we were to ask them general game-day questions (“What do you expect the final score to be? Who is your favorite player?”) and to which, Trevor would make it a point to be front and center with Jessica to answer the questions. To thank them for their participation, we would reach into our handy bag and pull out a jersey, but this wouldn’t be just any jersey, it would have Trevor’s last name on it and we would intentionally hand it to Jessica. At that point, Jessica would notice the name on the back of the jersey, creating an aha moment and Trevor would get down on one knee to propose (all the while we would be filming)! 

There were a few weeks between finalizing the plan and actual game day. While we waited in excitement, Trevor was experiencing typical pre-proposal anticipation, “Nervousness doesn’t even begin to describe it. Not nervous about the decision but the execution of it. I wanted to make this a day she’d never forget and wanted it to be perfect for her.” 

Game Day

Game day arrived and it ended up being a dreary one for a wedding proposal in Kansas City. The early-fall day was covered in a blanket of misting clouds typically only seen during winter months. But that wasn’t going to stop us; the EA Bride team made their way around the parking lot. Eventually we located Trevor and his tailgating crew. As we began to ask our questions, we knew Jessica had no idea what was happening.

“When the camera crew came, I thought I was trying to win the Hy-Vee gift card. They sometimes give those away for the best tailgates. I started answering their questions and they handed me a “freebie” (which was a jersey). I was in complete shock when I saw Trevor get down on one knee. It wasn’t until I heard him say, ‘Will you be my forever?’, that I realized he was proposing. Right after I said “Yes!” I asked him if our parents knew this was happening. And just as I said it, I turned around to see that my parents and siblings were there to catch the whole moment. It was the coolest and most “us” proposal ever! I will never forget it.” 

After Jessica’s “Yes!” came a loud cheer from their friends and family. They popped champagne to celebrate and held up their pre-designed posters for the game. And while the Chiefs went on to beat the Eagles 27-20, Trevor was the ultimate winner of the day!

A special thank you to Mickey Beach of Elite Sounds for photographing, filming and editing Trevor and Jessica’s wedding proposal in Kansas City into lasting mementos they can cherish forever!

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