Determining what size of tent you will need for your wedding can be tricky. So we have enlisted the expertise of Andrea Estevez from Celebration Party Rentals (now apart of Ultrapom Event Rentals) to guide you through what tent size you should use for your estimated guest count. Whether you have one hundred guests or three hundred guests coming to witness your nuptials, we have wedding tents for you.

Not only does a tent cover your guest tables, it is also needed to house the head table, dance floor, cake table, buffet, bar set-up, and the DJ. Keep in mind that it is always better to plan for more room than not enough. If your count falls close to capacity, chose the next size up to allow for a more comfortable evening.

Once you have decided what size of tent you need, jump on to use their free CAD tent design software. Within this program, you can position all of your guest’s tables, determine the location of the dance floor, and situate your extra tables (head table, cake, DJ, etc.). Once you have finalized your design, save or print your layout to use during the duration of your planning.

It is important to note that if the tent is to be staked into the ground (versus set up on concrete) all underground utilities must be marked by the One Call system (by dialing 811). If the landowner is present, they should also mark the location of any septic or sprinkler lines.

Other decisions you will want to make when ordering a tent is determining which accessories you may need. These could include: sides to keep rain/wind out, air conditioning to cool the inside, or a heater to keep the bitterness out. You may also want to research decorating items such as lighting and draping.

Tent Sizes

100 guests: 50 feet x 30 feet tent

150 guests: 50 feet x 40 feet tent

200 guests: 40 feet x 70 feet tent

250 guests: 40 feet x 80 feet tent

300 guests 40 feet x 100 feet tent

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