Bouquets are like snowflakes; no two arrangements are ever the same! Some are concise and compact while others flow from fingertips to toes. Some are minimalistic with a soft color palette while others are bold and demand your attention. Determining the look of your bouquet will set the style standard and color palette for the rest of the wedding. Therefore, it’s not a decision to make lightly! So, What’s Your Bouquet Style? Use our guidance as you determine what you love and completely loathe. Compare different styles of flowers and narrow down the exact look you want to see in your bunches of buds.

Size Matters 

You need to start by determining the size of bouquet that will best compliment your body shape. And yes, size most definitely matters! If you have a petite build, then you don’t want to overpower yourself with too big of a bouquet. A small gathering of flowers will better fit your stature and will ensure that guests can actually see you as you are walking down the aisle. Same goes for the camera, a large bouquet can seem to take over the entire frame and draw more focus, whereas you want the focus to be on your and your hubby.   

If you have a normal build, then the bouquet that you carry needs to be larger in size, but still proportionate to your body. A bouquet that is too large or too small for your stature can create an unbalanced look. A small bouquet can make you seem bigger than what you actually are. And in some instances, looks more like a bridesmaid’s bouquet or small centerpiece. Determining the size of your bouquet is the first step in creating its appearance.

A Dress Meant to Impress

After trying on dress after dress and narrowing it down to “the one”, you don’t want your bouquet to outshine or portray a different style than the gown. Consider both the flair and size of your dress when deciding on the style of bouquet.

A form-fitting lace gown pairs well with a small, but loosely arranged bouquet. You will commonly see this duo at outdoor weddings. If you have chosen a flowing ball gown with measurable width, then a compact and classy bouquet would be a perfect match. This is commonly seen at ballroom weddings. 

Big Blooms

You don’t have to have an expensive taste to be drawn toward large and stunning flowers. It is almost as if they draw you into themselves. Oversized blooms easily become the focal point of any bouquet. While bigger blooming stems are typically more expensive, they can make a powerful visual impact and take up a large amount of space that you now don’t have to fill with several smaller flowers. 

Visual Variances

A special way that you can differentiate yourself from the 

bridesmaids (as if the white dress isn’t enough) is by making your bouquet different in some way. You could choose to have only white blooms, while their bouquets are filled with the vibrant colors of the wedding theme. If you prefer a more subtle difference, then consider adding a few big blooms to your bouquet and keep theirs an assortment of the smaller flowers. 

Impactful Greenery

It is common that flowers are accentuated with greenery. What you need to determine is how much greenery you want in your bouquet. Believe it or not, the amount you choose helps to determine the level of formality. Flowers arranged with little to no greenery create a clean and sophisticated look that you commonly see in a ballroom or space with clean lines. On the other hand, bouquets adorned with large amounts of greenery create an outdoor or boho look that is commonly seen in outdoor ceremonies or loft-like weddings. 

In-Season Savings

If you have fallen in love with a particular color palette but don’t particularly care which exact flowers provides that color, then be open to the savings that in-season florals can offer you. Out-of-season flowers can be pricey to have shipped, or could be unavailable altogether. Be sure to bring up the topic of in-season options while in your florist consultation, they will be able to suggest alternative price saving options. 

Non-Floral Elements

A unique way to add some flair to your bouquet is by adding a non-floral dimension. Some popular accents that are trending right now are cotton, feathers, and fruit. While not everyone wants to add grapes or cabbage to their bouquet, it can be an innovative way to offer cost-saving alternatives to the typical “flowers only” mentality. 

Clear Communication 

When you have decided on the flowers you like and the shades that will compliment your wedding, schedule a time to meet with a professional florist. It is important that you communicate your vision clearly, using both photos and verbal descriptions to convey what you want the arrangements to look like. Be sure to reference the vibrancy of colors you want to see, the desired shape of your bouquet, whether it be round or cascading, and if you want there to be much greenery.

Day of Reassurance

The day is finally here for you to see your bouquet (oh yeah, and marry your soulmate)! When your bouquet arrives to you it has recently been pulled out of a cooler where it has been maintaining perfection. Now that it is out in the elements of wind and heat, it will begin to show tell-tale signs. The best way you can take care of your bundle of buds is to ensure that it is in water whenever you are not using it. This will help keep its vibrancy alive throughout the entire wedding day!

Concise & Classy

Designers Left to Right: Good Earth Floral Design, Bryan Long Floral, Studio Dan Meiners

Designers from Left to Right: The Flower Shop for All Occasions, Stems Flower Market, Blue Bouquet

Bursting with Color

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Designers from Left to Right: Botanica, Bella Chic Floral, Monarch Flower Company

Greenery Galore

Designers from Left to Right: Victorian Gardens, Cynthia Hiles, Branches & Twigs

Designers from Left to Right: Village Gardens, Poppy & Clover Floral, Blue Bouquet

Trendsetting Bouquets

Designers from Left to Right: Dream Scapes, Emmy-Ray Design Studio, Good Earth Floral Design Studio

Designers from Left to Right: Monarch Flower Company, Anna Arnot, Wild Hill Flowers

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