It’s completely understandable that most couples wouldn’t want to compromise the aesthetic and ambiance of their wedding for the sake of environmental considerations. That doesn’t make you selfish. Let’s face it: sometimes environmentally friendly options can be hard to find and take extra time to implement. A simple sign can make all the difference. Make, print, and frame a customized notice to your guests that can be placed around both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink stations at your reception. See our take on the way of wording it above. So, where’s your sign?

When it comes to environmentally friendly options, they may indeed require a bit more effort and time to implement. However, the impact can be substantial, and there are simple yet effective ways to convey your commitment to sustainability to your guests. A small but powerful step is to create and display customized notices around both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink stations at your reception.

Embracing sustainability at weddings has become an increasingly popular trend, and one impactful way to contribute to this eco-friendly movement is by encouraging the reuse of beverage glasses. Opting for reusable glassware not only adds a touch of elegance to your celebration but also minimizes the environmental impact associated with disposable alternatives.


Consider setting up dedicated areas for beverage glass return, strategically placed near the bar or drink stations. To facilitate this process seamlessly, you might introduce a charming sign that encourages guests to join in your eco-conscious efforts.

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