Marcus and Megan’s wedding is truly a winter wonderland at The Bauer. Amidst the glistening backdrop of a winter wonderland, Marcus and Megan’s wedding is a celebration that embodies the enchantment and magic of the season. The snow-kissed landscape adds an ethereal touch to their special day, painting the scene in hues of white and silver, like a page out of a fairytale.

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Bride and the Bauer     Photographer: Heirloom Photo Company     Wedding Coordinator: Belle Journee     Gown: The Gown Gallery     Florist: Poppy & Clover     Catering: Jack Stack Barbeque     Menswear: Kinkade’s Fine Clothing     Band: Diamond Empire Band     Cake: Polkadotte Cakes      Hair: Chop Tops      Bar Service: Gomer’s     Photobooth: KC Photo Booth     Coffee Mugs: TMG Ideas
Marcus & Megan’s Love Story: I remember exactly when I met Marcus. It was December 15, 2012, the night of Hal & Mal’s Annual Tacky Christmas party in Jackson, Mississippi. A group of my friends was going over to Marcus’ house to meet up before heading to the party, so of course, I tagged along. I had no idea who he was, but we surprisingly had all the same friends. I remember sitting in his living room and seeing him come down the stairs in these entirely too short, cut-off blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a ridiculous Christmas shirt. We didn’t say much to each other at that point but little did I know, he was soon to be my plus one.  Before we went to the party, we stopped at Underground 119 (a local bar) that was conveniently a few blocks away. Marcus’ cousin had just opened his own brewing company called Lucky Town Brewing, and they were having a launch party for their beer. Marcus was talking to some family members when he realized that all our friends had left for Hal & Mal’s. As he started heading for the door, he saw me talking to one of his very “talkative” relatives. After a good ten minute finagling, Marcus and I started walking to the party to meet up with everyone. When we got about halfway, I grabbed his hand and said, “you are my bar buddy for the night.” We barely knew each other, but it was that moment that started it all. We left that night having had the time of our lives, unexpectedly wanting to know more about each other. We scheduled a date before going home that night, and the rest is history.  It was November 27, 2015 (Black Friday), and Marcus and I had been dating for almost three years. Our families hadn’t really spent a lot of time together and we thought it would be nice to get them all together for dinner. My sister and I had been doing our normal Black Friday shopping and were running late for dinner. It wasn’t until we pulled up to the restaurant that it dawned on me that Marcus was going to propose (I just had that feeling…you know). Dinner was at the restaurant that Marcus and I had shared our very first date and both of our entire families were there, so I just knew it was THAT time! I open the door to the private room and I see Marcus standing in front of me. He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I was so happy and shocked. I will never forget that moment. Even to this day, it feels surreal. Since our special day was in the middle of December, I wanted wintery and woodsy elements. Our ceremony was sweet and simple. Afterward, we hid in the bridal suite and enjoyed snacks and champagne, while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour. Something that was important to us was that we got to share some alone time during the day to take a breath and soak in what had just happened. That was the best decision we made throughout the whole thing! Once the cocktail hour was over, we were introduced as Mr. & Mrs. and started our first dances. After we ate, the rest of the night was a blur; so much happened in so little time. When I look back at that day, I still can’t believe how perfect, fun and easy it was.  A Few Special Pieces: After we got engaged, we both gave each other journals to write in during the year of our engagement. On the morning of our wedding, we exchanged our journals with one another to reminisce on the journey – all the ups and downs – we endured to get to this special day. It was so special to get to see after all that we’d been through, we still loved each other and knew without a doubt, we could get through anything ahead. The Groom’s Favorite Part of the Day:  My favorite part of the day was watching Megan walk down the aisle. You think you are prepared for this moment, having been engaged for over an entire year, but you aren’t. Watching the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with walk down to you with a huge smile on their face is breathtaking and something I personally will never forget. The Bride’s Favorite Part of the Day:  My favorite part of the day was our first look. It was so cold, yet we still wanted to do the first look outside. The walkway was icy, so I was wearing my snow boots with my gown. I was so nervous and I don’t even know why. I couldn’t wait for him to see me because all the thought I had put into my dress, my hair and everything was for him. I remember walking down the alleyway with him turned away from me – he was shivering. Finally, I asked him to turn around. Immediately, his jaw dropped and head flung back. I took his breath away!