Shopping for a wedding dress is an experience some have dreamed about their entire life. For others, finding a dress is just a to-do, like finding the perfect venue. And for some, dress shopping is an intimidating experience best saved for the last minute. No matter how you feel about dress shopping, one thing is true – at your appointment, be prepared to meet your bridal stylist bestie who is tasked to help you find the dress of your dreams.

Yes, their mission is to listen, learn, and help guide you in navigating your feelings, thoughts and ideas about what you want to wear on your wedding day. Stylists are there to educate you and set realistic expectations about what is available in your budget, which silhouettes work well with your figure and provide knowledge about fabrics, designers and the process of ordering a gown from start to finish.

So why is it that bridal stylists can have a bad rep? You’ve heard stories about them being pushy, salesy, or downright rude to guests. And have also heard about how they were an absolute gem who selected and brought out “The Perfect Gown.” 

While there are always exceptions to the rule, it’s important to remember that the majority of stylists are excited, outgoing and happy to help. Make your bridal stylist bestie, not a frenemy and remember these three things every bridal stylist wants you to know at your appointment to ensure you have a fun and stress-free experience!


Honesty goes a long way in the bridal world, and it starts before you even show up to your appointment! Most stores have an intake form or will give you a call to chat prior to your fitting to get the important information they need to do their job when you arrive. But, if they don’t have honest information, it makes it hard to help you, which can lead to frustration on both ends! 

Be honest about your actual dress budget. Not what you hope your family may spend, but what you can actually spend at your appointment. Be honest about your clothing size. This is vital as some stores cater to certain sizes and you don’t want to be caught off guard upon arrival. If you don’t know your size that’s okay, just make sure to communicate that. And be honest about where else you’re shopping. Bridal stylists know you have probably planned multiple appointments. So don’t be shy! Knowing where else you’re going can help them make suggestions or recommendations should you not find your gown with them.

These may seem like insignificant details at first, but these are the foundation pieces needed for your bridal stylist bestie to plan a positive appointment and do their job well. 


One thing you can be sure of during your appointment is that your bridal stylist bestie will ask you lots of questions. It isn’t to be nosy or pry, but to help them do their job and do it well. This is your opportunity to find your voice and speak up! If you don’t like something about a dress or love something about a dress, if you feel uncomfortable or beautiful, let your bridal stylist know!

The more you can authentically communicate with your stylist throughout the appointment the closer they will get at helping you narrow down options until you find the one. If you rate a dress high but don’t like a small feature, it could be an easy fix or adjustment. Voicing your concerns and opinions gives the bridal stylist the opportunity to explain how changes can be made to make your dress a 10/10. Don’t lose out on the dress of your dreams. Find your voice, speak up and communicate!


There’s nothing more disheartening to a bridal stylist than someone coming in for an appointment and saying, “I’m not buying today. I just want to look.” Yes, it’s important to try things on and get an idea of what you like, but until you’re ready to purchase a dress hold off on shopping.

Two out of three brides will purchase their gown at their first appointment. It’s way more common than you think! And there’s nothing worse than coming to simply “shop,” finding the dress of your dreams and being unprepared to move forward. Because of constantly changing trends, inventory, and discontinuations from designers, bridal stores can’t always guarantee your dress will be there when you’re ready. Save yourself the heartache and leave that appointment open for someone who is ready to say yes! Your bridal stylist bestie will thank you.

Shopping Tip – See if the bridal store offers a shorter appointment for you to come in alone and try on different silhouettes before bringing your guests! These appointments often called “Silhouette Checks” or “Meet the Stylist,” give you the opportunity to get your questions answered, try on a few gowns to get an idea of what you like, and be more educated about the experience. 

Bridal stylists are fairy godmothers you didn’t realize you needed until they arrived. They are your biggest cheerleaders when your guests’ comments get a little out of line, provide a shoulder to cry on when that important party member didn’t show up to the fitting, and will advocate for you when you find the dress that makes you feel like the beautiful bride you are.

Make your bridal stylist bestie, allow your bridal stylist to help you and most importantly, say yes to that dress!

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