blush and blue at studio dan miners

Sam & Keri’s wedding day was hosted in the heart of Kansas City – at a time when the Chiefs were making Super Bowl history. While a stop to take some Chiefs-inspired photos were at the top of their list, the shades of blue and blush at Studio Dan Meiners event space is what caught our eye. The mainly white industrial space is the perfect place to create a colorful vision. 

Sam and Keri lived in the same apartment complex. Once day her cat went missing and while hysterically crying, she knocked on Sam’s door and he came out to help her look for her cat. From that moment, they instantly because friend snap started dating 2 years later while Keri lived in LA. She then moved back to the Kansas City area and the rest quickly became history.

The Proposal: Sam picked Keri up form the airport after she was arriving home from a destination wedding. It was dark when they arrived home and Keri noticed an extension cord strung across their driveway. They got out of the card and Sam walked over to the cord and plugged it in. When he did, “Will You Marry Me?” was illuminated on our fence line in Christmas lights.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Rivas Photography

VENUE: Pennway Place at Studio Dan Meiners 

HAIR: Bohemi Hair

MAKEUP: Kati Swegel

FLORIST: Studio Dan Meiners

CAKE: Milk Bar Store

GOWN: Belle Vogue


PLANNER: Brick & Ivory Events

CATERER: Blue Pot Catering

DJ: Icon Event Group


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