Plan that wedding, but don’t forget the other events you won’t forget: bachelorette party style. When everyone thinks of a bachelorette party they immediately imagine late night shenanigans. But you can’t go from 0 to 100, you have to ease into the night. So why not host the most over-the-top dining experience beforehand and treat your closest gals to a lavish dinner (and get some food in their stomachs for good measure). Host it at home or a downtown spot close to the rest of your evening’s festivities. 

A dinner gives other members of your family the opportunity to celebrate this event with you without having to fully partake. Grandma, mom, and your soon-to-be mother-in-law can come and enjoy dinner and then depart when you move on to the next portion of the evening. It’s a win-win – they got to be a part of your day, and you dodged making a fool of yourself in front of them later in the night.

It’s a vibe, and you’d do best to lean into it in every fun and bold way imaginable. From linens to flowers, to food choices and photo booths, there are many fun and unique ways that you can customize your bachelorette dinner to be a fun dining experience. Don’t know where to start? Try looking on Pinterest – is there a vibrant look that you like but are too nervous to use it at the wedding, then it may be a perfect fit for your bachelorette party. And if you have bridesmaids planning the evening for you, pick a Friday night, grab a bottle of wine, and spill over fun ideas until you’ve pieced it all together. 


PHOTOGRAPHER: EffJay Photography

CATERING: Olive Events

STATIONERY: YellowBrick Graphics



JEWELRY: Anne-Marie Designs

VENUE & RENTALS: Citrus Table

FLORAL: Bergamot & Ivy

BRIDE’S TOP: The One Bridal

HAIR & MAKEUP: Hello Lovely

PHOTO BOOTH: The Photo Bus

MODELS: Destiny Boyd, Lyndee Baker, Sierra Magdaleno, and Katie Gleason

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