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Weddings are kind of a big deal at Bergamot & Ivy Design!  We have no set formulas or pre-packaged deals, because your wedding is about you, your personalities, your family and friends, your ideas, and the spirit and feeling that you want to capture on your special day.  We pour ourselves into each and every wedding that we do because we know how important it is. Contact us for a personal no-charge consultation to talk about the big day.

Wedding Advice from Brian:

Your wedding is a day that friends and family have come together to celebrate you, your spouse, and your love for one another. It is all about you, so don’t be afraid to include details that speak to who you both are. This means not feeling pressured to bow to the trends of the day. If you have a collection of jadeite that you love, have your florist make special arrangements in your vases and containers. Use a tablecloth on the cake table that belonged to your grandmother or holds special memories of dinners shared.

At a recent wedding, the groom was a geologist. We gathered rock collections from antique and science stores and each guest received a piece of that collection on their place card. Another bride knew her groom loved terrariums, so we created magical, oversized terrariums with woodland plants that special guests were gifted with at the end of the evening. Your wedding day should be a joyful reflection of you!

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