Weddings have come a long way in recent years. What once was a standard wedding template – where colors and style had little variation – has evolved into the amazing celebrations you see today. Your wedding is a unique and personal reflection of your love story, from colors and textures to foods and experience, no two weddings look alike. One of our favorite ways to see your personality shine on the wedding day is through the decor you choose to incorporate. 

Designing the style and vision for your wedding may seem overwhelming, but don’t fret! We’ve pulled together the ultimate wedding decor checklist to bring your unique voice to life on the wedding day. We’ve listed everything from the ceremony to the getaway that we see commonly used, so feel free to use this list as a reference point for your own wedding. 

While this is the ultimate wedding decor checklist, it doesn’t mean you have to incorporate every single item on this list. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, your wedding is a unique reflection of your love story. Whether you choose one item off this list or all, we know your wedding is going to be completely personal and totally insta-worthy!


Your wedding ceremony, while such a small portion of your entire wedding day, is the moment you’ll remember forever. When planning the decor for your wedding ceremony, remember that the rules are your own! While the style of each decor piece may be different, the outline of items generally remains the same.

 >>  Welcome Display + Sign

 >>  Wedding Day Order of Events Sign 

 >>  Unplugged Ceremony Sign 

 >>  Ceremony Instructions Sign

  • We love to see couples encouraging their guests to pick a seat and not a side, symbolizing the commitment of unity you are making to each other.

 >>  Ceremony Programs

 >>  Aisle Arrangements 

  • Maximize your budget by repurposing these to the reception tables during cocktail hour!

 >>  Vow Books 

 >>  Memory Table

  >>  Ceremony Backdrop 

  • This can be as minimal or luxe as you’d like! Some of our favorite ceremony backdrops are an asymmetrical floral arrangement, a triangle arbor with florals, or if you’re getting married in a house of worship, two lush floral arrangements on tall stands.

 >>  Unity Ceremony  

  • Candles, sand, etc.

 >>  Guest Book Table + Floral Arrangement 

 >>  Guest Book + Pens 

 >>  Guest Book Sign 

 >>  Gifts Table + Decor

 >>  Cards + Gifts Sign 

 >>  Card Holder + Sign 


Keep your wedding experience flowing through every moment of the day. The cocktail hour is a time that can get easily overlooked so we wanted to make sure it made it to the ultimate wedding decor checklist. Set the tone for your wedding reception by creating a relaxed atmosphere for the cocktail hour, focusing on fun spaces that allow your guests the chance to meet and mingle. 

  >>  Directional Signage

  • Only needed if cocktail hour is in a separate space.

 >>  Bar Menu + Signature Drink Sign

 >>  Bar Floral Arrangements and/or Votive Candles 

 >>  Appetizer Menu Signage

  • Make sure to include any allergen information your guests should be aware of.

   >>  Photobooth + Backdrop 

 >>  Cocktail Tables + Tablecloths

>>  Personalized Cocktail Napkins

 >>  Cocktail Table Arrangement and/or Votive Candles

 >>  Seating Chart Display

 >>  Yard Games


Now we’re getting to the good stuff! The reception makes up the largest section of your wedding day. You’ll spend the most quality time with your guests at the reception – dinner, dancing, and fun – so focus on making the most of those moments by not forgetting these items.

 >>  Directional Signage

  • Only if the reception is in a separate space.

 >>  Welcome Sign  

  • Maximize your budget by transitioning the welcome display from the ceremony.

 >>  Escort Card Display

 >>  Dessert Table + Decor

 >>  Cake Stand + Topper

 >>  Cake Serving Set

 >>  Toasting Flutes

 >>  Dessert Displays

 >>  Dessert Table Backdrop

  >>  Specialty Signage

  • Think neon, acrylic, or wood signs.

 >>  Bar Menu + Signature Drink Sign  

 >>  Bar Floral Arrangements and/or Votive Candles 

 >>  Personalized Cocktail Napkins

 >>  Reception String or Specialty Lighting 

 >>  Draping

 >>  Hanging Arrangements 

 >>  Wedding Favors Display + Sign

 >>  Lounge Area

 >>  Dance Floor

 >>  Candles


Guest tables are where we recommend focusing your decor to make the most impact and represents the heart of the ultimate wedding decor checklist. The reception tables are not only the first thing your guests will see at the reception, they’re also what you will see every time you look at photos from your wedding. Use these items to create stunning reception tables to remember.

Let your personality and voice shine through your wedding reception tables by breaking away from traditional white tablecloths, white dinnerware, and stainless-steel flatware. Add pops of fun patterns to your linens, bring in non-traditional gold or black flatware, and level up your wedding flowers with tons of color.

 >>  Tablecloth

 >>  Charger + Place Mat 

 >>  Dinner Plate

 >>  Salad Plate

 >>  Flatware: Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Teaspoon 

 >>  Linen Napkin

 >>  Menu Card or Sign

 >>  Place Card

 >>  Glassware: Water, Wine, Champagne

 >>  Centerpiece Style #1: Tall Arrangement

 >>  Centerpiece Style #2: Lush, Low Arrangement 

 >>  Centerpiece Style #3: Candles

 >>  Table Garland

 >>  Table Numbers

 >>  Chair Back Decor for the Newlyweds

 >>  Head Table or Sweetheart Table Decor

 >>  Votive Candles


There is no wrong way to send you off after the most amazing wedding, so have fun with it! Our top tip, though, is keep it simple and let the real focus be on the two of you. Here are some ideas we love.

 >>  Sparklers

  • Make sure to check your venue’s policy on this! 

 >>  Torch Lighters & Sand Bucket

 >>  Champagne Bottles

 >>  Ribbon Wand Streamers

 >>  Paper Airplanes

  >>  Bubbles + Bubble Guns

 >>  Fiber Optic Wands

 >>  Lavender, Leaves, Rice, or other Compostable Toss Material

 >>  Balloon Toss

 >>  Fireworks




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