A Problem-Free Wedding

Let’s be honest, wedding planning sounds like so much fun. For the first two weeks. Until suddenly you can’t get a call back from your venue options, your favorite photographer is already booked for your date, several guests start making menu requests, and Aunt June isn’t happy with your hotel selection for the out-of-towners. All you wanted to do was enjoy all the moments leading up to the big day, but now you think eloping would just be easier. Fortunately, under that tear-stained Bride-to-Be tee is a solitary ounce of hope. A Wedding Planner. Your key to a problem-free wedding.

Sure, you might save a few bucks by DIY’ing your big day. But when it’s all said and done, is it really worth it? There’s a reason most people don’t YouTube how to fix their own transmission. Why girls rarely sew their own prom dress. And why you wouldn’t risk cutting your own bangs right before getting professional pictures. Truth be told, when it’s a big job, you want it done right. And your wedding is no exception.

There are so many reasons an event planner is worth her (or his) weight in gold. Let us explore just five of those ways:

A Million Headaches Saved:

When all you really want to do is sip champagne with your bridesmaids and imagine how the best day of your life will unfold, your planner is prepared to swoop in and take care of the less-than-thrilling aspects. Like keeping head counts, paying the florist, ordering enough gluten-free entrees for your restricted guests, and making sure everyone gets down the aisle. On time and in the right order.

They Take the Brunt of the Blame:

Instead of igniting WWIII among your nearest and dearest when it comes time to decide what’s customary and who’s best-suited to handle the different duties of the day, think of your planner as your Conflict Resolutionist. They’ve been there, salvaged that. They know emotions will be running high and have learned how to best handle everyone in the party to maintain peace.

They’re Connected:

When you’re actually in the industry on the daily, you get your share of insight. This includes who and who not to work with, in what areas you can save money, and what vendors will work best together to create flawless wedding execution. All of which is just guesswork when you’re going in blind. In fact, the amount in extraneous overages they can save you would probably pay most, if not all of their fee, making the process a whole lot dreamier, at no additional cost to you.

They’re Like an Insurance Policy:

Sometimes, even with the best intentions and the most preparation, life happens. Vendors get sick, accidentally overbook, or venues suddenly go out of business. That’s where that industry connection comes in handy. Instead of you scrambling to decipher PR speak for what’s really going on, your planner is already in action, calling in favors, and finding alternative options. Seriously, the peace of mind that comes with someone else handling the unexpected is what will make those moments actually bearable.

They’re Your Wedding Wing (Wo)Man:

The actual day is perhaps the most stressful of all. You have the stage being set, guests arriving, all while you and your girls get beautified. And when you think about it, you have One. Single. Day. to spend time with all of your favorite people. It’s the one day to savor all the attention, and to embrace the love and happiness that surrounds you. Meanwhile, your planner will field all the questions about the overflowing trash cans, the keg that just got tapped, and making sure the DJ pronounces all the names right, so that you can just soak up the spotlight. If Uncle Ned becomes too wasted on wine, the flower girl loses her basket, or the ladies room runs out of toilet paper, you don’t even have to think about it. After all, that’s what you have your wing(wo)man for! Now you can just sit back and enjoy a problem-free wedding.

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Christie Nordmeyer

Christie Nordmeyer

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